DIY: Hobbit House Jar

Hobbit House Jar

I’ve already made one house jar, but this time I wanted to make a Hobbit House jar instead of a Tudor Cottage, because why not? It’s pretty much exactly the same technique, the only difference is making the lid, and that part is so easy it’s┬áridiculous.

One thing I ended up doing later is painting the door with green nail varnish

I didn’t end up showing that step in the tutorial, and one last thing you can do is even add the rune Gandalf scratched on the door with a glow-in-the-dark paint if you want.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


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    This is so lovely! I wish you had of posted this sooner to be honest, as I would have made it for my friend for Christmas… But I sent this to her as soon as you posted it and she’s going to make it herself now. :D

    More Lord of The Rings or Hobbit related posts please! :D

    You’re so awesome at things like this. ^_^