EP Launch Today!

Malumi Cover

If you’ve been following the Malumi You Tube channel you know that Monday’s are normally vlog day, but today instead we released our EP! We’ve been working on this since August, so you can imagine the build up of nerves and excitement.

There are five songs on the EP in total, Snow (which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing at this point) See you Around, Go, Unspoiled Ground and Lullaby.

We’ve made the songs available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

Several of you asked if the songs would be available on Spotify and if we’ll be doing unplugged versions, the short answer is yes, we will. The music will probably be available on Spotify in a few weeks and we’ll be doing live recordings of all the songs soon. So feel free to leave requests of which song you would like to hear first. Oh and if you wanted to hear snippets of each songs there’s a short track list at the end of the video.

I hope you like it! :D