Outsider Art: Ragana

Almost Done

I recently added to my collection of Pan Pastels with several shades for darker skin tones. After testing out the blue, pink and cream shades for the drawings of Astrid and Knud I really wanted to get around to drawing Ragana.

Ragana was so very nearly in the first book (**), but in the end I cut her out because it just didn’t work at that point in the story

It wasn’t easy finding the right shades for Ragana, normally I find that any skin tone kits are either far too pink (or strait up white) for pale skin tones, and anything darker than a coffee tone is nearly impossible to find. In the end I bought a kit (**) which is actually sold for weathering model trains, and it was just perfect!

Basic Shading

I still need to draw Ragana with a much darker skin tone, it’s still a far too pale for how I envisioned her, but it’ll take a few more tries before I can perfect my technique.

 I used a fluffy c shaped makeup brush to apply the pan pastels 

The first thing I did is use the pan pastels to get the highlights and shades on the face. I wasn’t looking for anything detailed at this point, just laying down the primary undertones and shades. Three different shades of brown and then a very pale yellow as a highlighter on the top of her cheekbones and brow bone.

Lips pre blending Adding Details Eyelashed

For all of these drawings I like using a combination of art and makeup brushes to apply it. I’ve found with the fingers its far too easy to apply the colours heavily, not to mention with brushes you don’t risk leaving oil stains on the paper from your fingertips.

After I’d used the pan pastels I went ahead with my Polychromo pencils to add the smaller details to the skin, lips and eyes

For the lashes I love using a fine tip pen or a chinese caligraphy pen to draw each individual lash around the eyes. Sometimes I’ll use a pencil first to make sure I know where I want to go with it, but normally I just go ahead and use the pen.


I still need to finish drawing her hair and ears, but I’m really happy with this version compared to my first try. It’s a slightly different method to how I drew Knud, but with a bit more work I should be able to finally get the rich dark skin tone I’m trying to draw without completely ruining it like my first attempt. And yes, Ragana is meant to be an absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful woman. A lot prettier than Astrid. Maybe now I should finally get around to drawing Jarl or Ragi…

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  1. says

    You are excusit I have watched all of your YouTube videos on both accounts and I am waiting for you to do a book signing I love this book and when you first told us about this book I was ordering it as soon as you said amazon it is pure genius and the cover was wonderful I hope you live life to the fullest and please never stop making YouTube videos ( ps I’m not accusing you but I hope you are not like other famous you tubers who just don’t care about us )

  2. Shirley says

    I’m a darkskinned artist and I have some tips (especially if you want to make her darker)

    layer lots of dark blues/dark purples/browns
    for the entire face, but especially in the shadows. also with her skin tone at the moment it looks a bit false. If you use blues/purples/browns you do need to put a (very very) little bit of it on the highlight as well, to produce a uniform undertone.

    I hope you can take these tips into consideration!

  3. says

    I love it! Can you please do a video on how you draw/colour hair? I love drawing portraits but doing the hair is my misery >.<