DIY Horns

Horns DIY

I did tutorials on how to make horns about a year ago, but I thought I’d make another one showing a completely different way of making them, it’s simpler and a lot less time consuming.

One of the music videos for Malumi is quite prop heavy, so I’m having to make some of the props now 

In one of the music videos (it’s called Lullaby) we’re going to have quite a selection of mythilogical creatures, fauns specifically, so I needed to make another set of horns. Also since Halloween in only in a few days time this tutorial might be perfect for a few last minute costume ideas.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D

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  1. Sevane says

    Thank you very much ! I was making horns for my Maleficient costume and I really can’t do a correct mold with salt dough. I was going to become mad, it was a nightmare.
    With this me dot, I’m sure to have finish for Saturday !

  2. says

    This is brilliant! I’v always wanted a set of horns and now I think I’ll give it a go. I had to laugh because at the end, I was expecting you to put them on the other way. lol either way they’re worn they look amazing!

  3. says

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