Dying Elf (Elf Collaboration with Emma Pickles)


Emma Pickles and I have been talking about collaborating for quite literlaly years now! Two IMATS ago we decided we were going to do an elf collaboration and today (well…yesterday) we finally got around to it.

My idea for this look is that since elves live longer the process of dying would be longer too

Of course I went for a more morbid and depressing theme, I wanted the character to look like it was fading away slowly and knew nothing could be done. I know…I’m a happy and cheerful person!

Black and White

I was very very tempted to make all the pictures black and white, they looked so erie in black and white, but I felt it might be a little counterproductive applying all the greens and reds to only have the final photos in black and white.

You can see Emma’s look here

The ears I made myself, but there are still a few things I need to work on before I upload the tutorial on how to make and apply them. They still need a few more improvements.

Black and White Photography Dying Elf Black in White

Since it’s Halloween season my looks are not going to get cheerful in a hurry over the next few weeks, that being said, I hope you like this one :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)  

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  1. Diana says

    The use of the stencil really added this creepy and sick look to the elf, looks amazing! Did you cut out the patterns yourself?

  2. JordyLilySmith says

    Absolutely adore this look, so artistic.

    When will your Kida from Atlantis ‘real life disney’ video be out? I remember you mentioning it in your announcement video and simply can’t wait!

  3. Kaitlin says

    I was so super excited to see that yourself and Emma were working together, and I was not disappointed! Both of your looks were fantastic! I loved the green and emerald tones that you used, they really showed up nicely in the photos, so I’m glad you didn’t end up using all black and white. Is it weird that I now feel the need to do a LOTR marathon?

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