Knud Speed Drawing

Drawing Knud

So many of you kept asking me over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to draw this cheeky little devil, yes I know, he looks innocent, but so do most puppies and we all know how mischievous they can be!

Of course the moment I’d pinned this to my Outsider Pinterest board I got a request to draw Jarl next.

I will try and draw Jarl as soon as possible, I only have rough scetches of him at the moment, nothing properly drawn. But I’d like to try something a little less basic (drawing style wise) for him so it wont’s be for a while probably. Plus at the moment I’m working on finishing two new drawings for the second book which are both going to be increadibly detailed, so I need to finish those first.

You can read the book here if you want :) 

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  1. Jacqueline Pepper says

    So when you transfer the drawing, you don’t actually transfer, you just redraw it?

    • Bree says

      From what I could see, she sketches on one side of the wax paper and then draws a clean outline on the other side when the drawing looks right. Then it’s a simple matter of putting the wax paper over a sheet of real paper and overdrawing it again. The graphite from the clean outline will be pressed into the real paper, leaving a faint outline that can then be detailed and colored without having to worry about cleaning up a messy sketch.

  2. Chiyou says

    Klaire, can you go into a little on your thought process on how you developed the look for Knud like you did for Astrid? Did you have a specific face (shape, expression, etc.) that you had in mind for Knud like you did Astrid? You went thought a few iterations of Astrid before you had one that you liked (but still may not necessarily be final). Did you have the same problem with Knud?

  3. Sherry Gamez says

    I just got your book, I’m so excited to finally have it. I only wish I could have gotten a autographed book that would have been soooo cool. I know it”s going to be aawweessoommee and I can”t wait for the next and the next and the next LOL! Anyway I’m such a FAN of anything you do I pray you succeed in anything you put your hand to. A lifetime FAN and subscriber Sherry