Outsider: How I Made The Book Cover


This whole book was a massive learning curve. Writing it, re-writing it, publishing it. The initial biggie was doing the cover,  I was so nervous about doing it! But I knew I would not be happy if I let someone else make the cover.

For the second book there are a lot of things I’ll be doing differently, but for the first try I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

One thing I was a little gutted about was that the blue and red tint on the text for the cover didn’t work, and we had to ditch it. I’m already pretty sure how the cover for the second book will look, so hopefully I can avoid repeating the same mistakes (or just make a whole bunch of new ones!). Either way, here is my vlog showing the whole process.

I hope you like the video! :D

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  1. Mojca says

    I’m really, really sad I’m not able your book… I’m not from UK or USA, and it’s just too expensive for me. But from what I see from your blog posts, it must be really, really good, because you put so much work and thought into it. I love fantasy genre and I find concept of your book very interesting. I mean, you’re very creative and I adore everything you do, your make-up creations and DIYs. I wish I were at least as half creative as you are. Well, maybe sometime in the future…

  2. Chiyou says

    I think I like this Outsider featurette the most out of all of the ones you’ve done so far. I didn’t even realize that the image was a photo! I totally thought you drew it! I love hearing about your thought process throughout this project. It’s fascinating and you’re so creative!

  3. says

    Ooo that’s so cool! Very interesting to hear. I still haven’t read the book but I will buy it soon hopefully! :)

  4. says

    HI Klaire!!! I’ve been a fan since I could remember I admire your creativity, imagination, and talent. I’m from the Philippines and been thinking how to avail your book :D Hope you can reply and send me suggestions. More power to you!