Blind Seer

Heed Me

I didn’t actually intend for this look to end up so creepy looking, but this photo was hands down my favourite. What can I say! I have a thing for creepy and mildly disturbing.

I wanted her to look slightly sad in the pictures as though most of her visions were dark or quite depressing

Now about those lashes…they were a pain in the neck to make and to apply! So if you decide to do this look, a small warning, they will drive you nuts! They’re also a little heavy.


The lashes took a while to make but it’s quite simple. Find the false lashes you want to use, preferably lashes with spacing between them, make a small knot around the lash band and then tie some small gems every few spaces.

I used black thread but in hindsight it would have looked quite cool if I’d used a thread closer to my skin tone. 

The idea I had for the lashes is I wanted to too look like she’d been crying crystals. The stress from only being able to see the future making the skin around her eyes crack and her eyes drip glass tears.

I Want To Hide I Spy With my Phycic Eye

Normally in my videos I apply my lenses before I do the makeup. With the mesh lenses, while you can see through them, you can’t see anything in great detail which is why I applied them last.

And before anyone asks, I got the earrings here

It just occurred to me that it’s halloween in three months…*rubs hands together* I really should start planning out some videos for that! Any particular requests? Or a special halloween mini series?

I hope you like the video! :D

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  1. Rachel says

    this look is disturbingly beautiful and also another stunning piece of work, just finished your book and can’t wait to read it again when its only a couple of months from the release of the next one. Your book was brilliant and I now kind of don’t want to go back to the book i was reading! A halloween series would be awesome (even though I don’t like halloween I appreciate the awesome makeup artistry that comes from it!) It would be the perfect chance for you to do some special effects makeup!

  2. Tori says

    This reminds me of Blind Mag from Repo. As for Halloween, I want to see what you come up with. You always come up with stuff better than what I can think of. Looking forward to it. :-)

  3. Jimbo says

    Oh Halloween my favouite time of the year too could you perhaps do forgive me for saying this but in the film the haunting a woman gets her eye slashed open by a loose piano wire could you maybe do something like that please ;) xx

  4. Vision_of_Grace says

    I would absolutely die if you did a “Bakugan Battle Brawlers” series of tutorials, but that show is so under-viewed and obscure that it probably won’t happen. o.o With your talent, though, I’d love to be able to see how you’d interpret the characters, specifically from the second season, where all of the hair goes crazy!

  5. Doubt says

    This looks amazing, one of my favourite looks so far:) And just a quick note, you really suit a full fringe.

    Also for Halloween, I have a request. I’m planning to go as a rabbit this year, but (seeing as it’s Halloween) with bloody and mutilated twist to it. Think that could inspire a look?

  6. Beatriz says

    I think this look is really cool and I would love to see you do a halloween mini series! :D

  7. Jelly says

    I absolutely love this look! It’s so creepy but stunningly beautiful! It’s kind of like the blind seer you’d see at a gypsy camp in a creepy movie!
    As for Halloween ideas, maybe your own twisted version of Alice in wonderland characters? I’m an Alice in wonderland fan and after seeing American McGee’s Alice game and the sequel, madness returns, I’ve been dying to see how others would create creepy tributes to an amazing and unusual story.

  8. Mimi says

    It lloks amaizing! I love those earings :)
    If I can make a suggestion, I would like to sea your own representation of mithological goddess (egypcians, greeks, etc)

  9. Lita says

    Such a beautiful look; I adore this! Someone said already mentioned this further down in the comments, I believe, but I would LOVE to see a mini Halloween series inspired by Greek gods and goddesses: Artemis, Dionysus, etc. That would be amazing! Cheers!

  10. Mari says

    Really cool look! One of my favorites so far! Really love the lashes. Makes such a nice effect!

    If I may come with a request, I’d like to see a post-apocalyptic look

  11. Megan says

    You should do the seven heavenly virtues if possible you have so much talent I know it would be beautiful and amazing job on the seer makeup

  12. Ariel says

    I would like to second the Creepy Alice in Wonderland. It’s my favorite fairy tale, and a creepy twist with your talent would just be awesome!

  13. Starlit Cloud says

    Hi! I watched this video on youtube, and I wanted to see how to make the eyelashes! And I also wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful (albeit a bit freaky at times) tutorials! So thank you, and as for requests, I was wondering if you could possibly do a Nightmare from Rise of the Guardians? I’m going as one for Comic-Con, which in is two weeks, and I’m stuck on the makeup! So thank you, as it would be very helpful and great for inspiration! Thank you! :)

  14. Liza M. says

    I love this look, especially the cracks, I don’t know how you tolerated the lashes though. For Halloween my friend and I are going to be a steam punk vampire and vampire hunter, it would be amazing if you could do something based off that (If you want, just a suggestion) I’d be happy with any Halloween tutorial from you though!