Besame Retro Lipsticks


If you’ve seen my IMATS haul video you’ve seen me gushing about this, and now I’ve tried it out a little longer I’m utterly besotted! Hands down my favourite buy from IMATS, though the puss and blister gel did come close…

The packaging is gorgeous, the colours beautiful and the formula very long lasting

One thing which is a little off putting is the smell. The first thing I though of is those marzipan sweets they always give out at wedding. Fortunately I have a terrible sense of smell because I hate marzipan. But I love these lipsticks so much I can forgive the smell.

Besame Lipsticks

I got two colours, a lovely traditional cherry red and a dark fleshy tone, which is like my own lip colour, just darker. Perfect for day time when you might not be feeling up to a powerful bright red lipstick.

Both lipsticks are so pigmented, Dusty Rose a little less than Cherry Red, but still very pigmented

With Cherry Red, one swipe, and boom! Colour! Dusty rose you need another swipe or two, but it’s by no means badly pigmented. Quite the opposite. They both last at least four hours without needing to re-apply. Five to six if you’re not eating or drinking, through around six it get’s a little iffy.

Cherry BerryOpen Lipsticks

Lately I’ve really gotten into wearing Dusty Rose really lightly on the lips so it almost looks like a tint. Both the lipsticks are a little staining (nothing a little extra rubbing can’t get rid of) so they’re beautiful no matter if you apply them heavily or lightly.

My favourite method is to mix them, Dusty Rose all over the lips, and then Cherry red for an ombre effect 

I paid £12 per lipstick which is definitely the most I have ever paid for a lipstick! I felt a little guilty buying it since it’s the first makeup I’ve bought in years which is meant just for me. But honestly, I don’t regret it! Both lipsticks look so beautiful, and between the two colours I can get something to suit my mood exactly.


Even though I got these for myself, I’d really like to do a whole series on retro makeup at some point. I’ve been considering it for ages, but I only wanted to do it if I could use makeup that looked authentic, and now that I’ve found this brand I might just have the excuse I’ve been looking for!

The Besame website 

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  1. says

    Oh gosh the packaging IS gorgeous! I’m surprized it’s only £12 because it looks like it could be more expensive. Glad to hear they work as good as they look! Thanks for sharing Klaire :)

  2. Beatriz says

    Such beautiful colours! And the packaging is so cute! A retro inspired series would be great and I would really like to see you create something 1930’s inspired :)

  3. Mimi says

    I love the darker one, it looks cute and sexy ;)
    And I love how the lipstick comes like in “velvet” and gold, it gives a sophisticated feeling, really nice

  4. says

    Fantastic post, glad you are enjoying the lipsticks. Can I just clarify the pricing as we weren’t actually selling these lipsticks at IMATS for £12 and we believe that may be an error. The RRP in the UK is £22 and the special offer at IMATS was £20 each, we have no record on our sales of selling at £12 :-)

  5. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    Thanks so much for writing this post, Klaire! These lipsticks and the mascara/liner/eyebrow filler from this brand were what caught my eye and really interested me the most in your haul. I am so happy that you gave a little bit more of an in-depth review for the lipsticks and I’m hoping to try some out myself! Thanks again!

  6. says

    I love Besame! I have quite a few of their lipsticks, they are always such beautiful, pigmented shades! Also, a heads up about the smell; Besame lipsticks expire so while they smell like “Vanilla” (I think that’s the scent they’re going for) they are good to use. If they start to smell like crayons, they aren’t good anymore. Anyway, the swatches look lovely on you!

  7. Amelie Thelwis says

    Was wondering if you knew a really good deep purple lipstick that looks deep purple. Tried a few and rather disappointed

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