Outsider: Making the Map of Ammasteinn


The map of Ammasteinn is one of the first things I did art-wise for Outsider. I didn’t want to start writing and not have a clear vision for this world Astrid would be traveling, not to mention I needed to plan everything which happened in the 40 year gap between Astrid leaving the Red Mountains and agreeing to take Jarl and Knud to Lǫgberg.

 You can follow all the art work I’ve done for Outsider here on my Pinterest

Of course you don’t get to read about this in Outsider, but it becomes very important in the sequels I’m writing, and I don’t like having a character without a history to them. When I start writing I want to know exactly the kind of people they are so that there is a reason for their behaviour.

Amenstein Map

I mentioned in my announcement video that I will be making quite a few of these videos and blog post and that’s where you guys come in. I want to know what you want to see next! Which characters you want me to draw (I’ve already done Astrid, it’ll be out soon!) the outfits, the creatures, the places, all of it! And while I’m at it show me your drawings of Outsider! How do you imagine a Leshy would look? Or Jarl and Knud?

You guys are all creative and talented, show me what you can do! :D 

It doesn’t have to be traditional painting or drawing, maybe you prefer digital drawing, or makeup and crafting? Or cosplay photography? Absolutely anything! I want to see it and see how you imagine the world of Ammasteinn and Astrid.

You can read Outsider here 

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  1. Myrthe Vaes says

    Hi Klaire

    I love that you published a book, and you kinda have the same idea I have when I finish my book. Love the map! I’m writing a book too but since i’m a student I don’t have much time for that… :(



  2. Yao says

    Hey.Will the book be available on any other websites? Like thebookdepository (I’ve seen some people selling their books on there, plus it has a free worldwide shipping)? Or even ebay?

    I really would like to buy it,but the shipping cost from amazon is horrible and also there can be additional fees. And having the paperback would be super awesome ^.^

  3. Chiyou says

    Klaire, can you post a high quality image of Ammastein on your website? I’d like to print it and have it in front of me as a reference while reading the book. I bought the Kindle version, so it’s kind of hard to flip to the front of the book to look at the map and then back to my spot in the book. Thanks!

  4. Laura says

    Hi Klaire,

    I am always so impressed by your creativity, I ordered your book yesterday on Amazon and I hope that the shipping to Germany doesn’t take too long, so that I can read it soon!


  5. Rachel says

    This is beautiful! I love it when they put maps in books. Ordered your book this morning after doing lots of folding and stapling for my mum. So worth it!
    Can I ask what website you used to make your website as I am considering starting a blog soon.


  6. Karina says

    Hi Klaire!
    I’m so excited for you, that you published your book! I see you published Outsider through CreateSpace and KDP. I’m fourteen, and about to publish my own fantasy novel the same way. Do you have any advice on publishing? Thank you, and congratulations!

  7. Lara says

    I’ve also tried to do a map for a story I write together with a friend at the moment but yours is a thousand times better than ours! *-*
    I am really impressed by your ideas and the things which come up to you … I really don’t have any words for this … so impressed :)

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