De-potting my Lipsticks


I’ve had these art and craft cases sitting around on my table for well over two months now. I kept meaning to sit down and de-pott all my lipsticks but between one thing and another I kept forgetting or putting it off for something more important.

I can see clearly exactly what I have and they’re easy to use for makeup jobs 

Not only are the cases (**) really cheap, you can easily see exactly what you have, and if you just want to switch the colours around you can. Or if you’re off on holiday and have a favourite colour you can just take the one pot and not have to drag the entire pot around. 

Nearly Empty

In the Pot


Cuting up the Lipstick

There are neater ways of de-potting lipsticks, but it’s quite time consuming and after you use the lipstick a few times it all looks the same anyhow, so I don’t really see the point in melting it down. And I kinda like the ‘scooped’ surface look too. In a weird way it tends to give me ideas for looks.

First thing I did is take a tissue over the surface of all my lipsticks and clean them

You can get a spray disinfectant for cleaning your lipsticks or wipes, but I’d finally run out of those so I just use a simple kitchen tissue to clean my lipsticks before de-potting them with a spatula.

Stickers Lipstick Names

When I moved all my blushes into my pro palette one of the things I did is remove the sticker on the back with the brand logo and name and re-stuck it onto the back of the pan. So when I run out of the colour I can buy a replacement (providing they still sell it).

I peeled/cut off the stickers from all the lipsticks and stuck them onto the back of the little pots

So just like my blushes, if I run out it’s easy enough to see what brand and colour it was. A few of them them didn’t have very neat looking sticker so I just wrote out the brand/name on a little piece of paper and stuck it to the back with a little strip of sellotape.

Empty Buletts Lipstick Palette

So there you have it! My de-potted lipsticks. Later on I ended up spraying the bottom part of the pallet black, I thought they looked a lot more professional that way (and I’m a sucker for black) but otherwise this is pretty much my new setup for lip sticks :)

I got the palettes from e-bay

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  1. Servane says

    Hi ! Will you post a video today, or you’re waiting for the secret project, monday ?

    • Klaire says

      I’ve been uploading it for the past 5 hours, I don’t know why but my internet has decided to hate me today! :(

  2. Beatriz says

    I had never tought about doing that with my lipsticks… De-potting lipstick It’s a great idea, especially for travelling, in my opinion, and after my lipstick made a huge mess in my purse today…

  3. Eleanor says

    I may have to do this since I rarely apply lipstick straight from the bullet. It looks so much more organised this way and you can see the colour right out.


  4. Reen says

    So basically all you did is only slicing it to thin pieces and put those in jar? How do you manage to put those pieces into one?

  5. Linda says

    I love this I’m going to do this to my lipsticks! I noticed in the video they then to shift and rattle, does that bother you?