Real Life Disney: Ursula

Your Voice Little Mermaid

Man do I love doing the villains! They’re so fun to do! Dark and evil, and I get to wear my amazing Scelera lenses! This look is probably the most different from the original charactar so far in this series. I didn’t like the short white hair and for her eyes I wanted them to look more ‘fishy’.

I’ll be basing most of the villains on this series

One thing that I have to mention because I’m really too chuffed about it is products background (courtesy of my spare cooking tray) and the underwater effect with my mini fog machine. I was really worried that when I used the fog machine (I had the window open) that someone might see the smoke and think something was on fire. Thankfully that didn’t happen! Would have been quite difficult to answer the door dressed like this!


The necklace was easy, black thin ribbon an old shell and some stainless steel sculpting tools (**) to manually drill a hole into the shell. Takes a bit of time to get the ribbon through the shell and out the opposite hole, but it doesn’t take as long as you would think.

I hope you like the tutorial! :D

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  1. Eleanor says

    Gosh, I wouldn’t have even known that was you >.<

    This look is just perfect! Even though it's different from the film version, I prefer it and it's like a younger version of Ursula. Those sclera lenses must be a nightmare to put in though!


  2. Mimi says

    Would be awesome to see some of the fairy from Pinocchio
    But I love this villians looks <3

  3. says

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