Review: Savon de Marseille Soap


When it comes to organic and (mostly) chemical free soaps I think the first brand everyone thinks of is Lush. Now don’t get me wrong, Lush are great and you all know how much I love their face masks, but there are many other brands out there!

You can use this brand for everything from washing your hair/face to the dishes 

I’ve stopped using fairy liquid because I notice it makes my hands swell up like something crazy and this soap is just as good. Though to be fair I use mostly ceramic dishes for my cooking and they’re a dream to cook with and clean anyway. So it might be a little more problematic for normal dishes.

Soap Mimosa

My sister uses this soap for her hair and skin and loves it! I have gotten her to write me a guest post all about the products that she used since she has severe eeczema (so many thing drive her skin crazy, even aloe vera!) but I’ll only be posting that in the next few weeks.

The ingredients vary from soap to soap, you can see the full list of ingredients here

Unfortunately this one does have sodium lauryl sulfate which is something I’m trying to avoid all together, but the other two which I bought (and will be reviewing later) are SLS free so this one I’ve been using just for washing the dishes.

As far as using this soap as a shampoo, though it leaves my hair feeling really thick and strong, I’m not to fond of the texture my hair has after so I don’t use it as a shampoo. Since my hair is already pretty thick I don’t really need a product which makes it even thicker and more unmanageable.

You can get this here (**)

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  1. Elodie says

    Unfortunately Klaire this is not real savon de Marseilles. The real deal is a big browinish green block of soap and only has 4 ingredients: water, olive oil, sodium carbonate and lye. The blocks you buy are usually between 300g and 600g. :)

  2. Lily says

    Yeah that’s not savon de Marseille… Every soap you can buy in Marseille isn’t “savon de Marseille”. The traditional one is unscented and has a very simple composition. I wouldn’t recommend using it on your skin or hair though (really drying) but it’s good for dishes or laundry :)