DIY: Cocoa Face Mask

Cocolate face mask

You might have to resist eating this one after applying it on your face but given it’s ingredients you might actually enjoy it! This face mask is mainly good for getting your skin to look that extra bit better though because of the honey and oats it’s very good for when your skin is feeling a little sensitive.

Funny thing is the ingredients aren’t that far off from what I use to make coconut cookies!

Honey tends to bump up the shelf-life of any home made face mask since it’s antibacterial, but I still wouldn’t recommend keeping a DIY face mask for longer than one/two weeks.

Hope you like it :)

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  1. Paloma says

    I’m going to try it for sure!! Maybe tomorrow, I hope it helps me with some inflammation caused by an acne breakout… If not… I may try doing some cookies instead XD

  2. Beatriz says

    Loved your hair! And I’m going to make this face mask and try it this week, it seems to be really good for the skin, so, why not? :)

  3. Elanora says

    Your hair looks amazing! You really NEED to take this opportunity for a 1920’s makeup look!!!

  4. Doubt says

    You should do more blog posts (or even videos) about cooking, I’d love to see your recipes:)

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