Art Eyes: Crystalized

Arty Makeup

For me this time of year is where two things happen like clockwork, I get stressed out of my mind over absolutely ridiculous little things and I get horrifically board of whatever I’m doing regularly, and at the moment that’s the Disney Series which really is far to much on the ‘tame’ side for me at the moment.

Thanks to miawells_x  on my Instagram for suggesting the name! :) 

Don’t worry, I’m still doing the Real Life Disney series, but I absolutely have to start breaking it up with more random and challenging videos or I’m going to start pulling my hair out! So…yea…I need my more crazy video have to come back! So I’m proposing a micro series of ‘wearable’ arty looks a lot like my Lace Eyes Video

Makeup Tutorial

I know this look isn’t to everyone’s tastes but these are the kind of looks I like to wear on the rare occasion that I actually wear makeup of any sort outside. Personally I think if you’re going to wear makeup you might as well go all out and have fun with it!

I hope you like it :) 

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  1. Jacqueline says

    I love this look!!!! I think I would wear it without rhinestones though. I don’t have those same colors as you, but maybe I can make it work with what I’ve got.

  2. Julia says

    Abselutely beautiful! That is also the kind of thing I’d wear on the rare occation I wear makeup :D

  3. Dora says

    is everything okay with your camera or the going-out-of-focus moments were done on purpose?