Candles Haul


As someone who has a remarkably bad sense of smell I really do have a thing for anything which smells nice. Maybe that’s why I like scented things so much, but one thing I am very, very picky about is that the bathroom in my flat aways has to smell nice, and so I always have a candle burning in there for at least a few hours every day.

The individual candles cost 70p each

Around christmas I took advantage of a sale Knringle Candles had and stocked up on their votive candles. I finally finished the last candle about a week ago so I went ahead and ordered another bunch. Last time I ordered a large pack of the vanilla & mint candles, so this time to switch it up I got a large pack of the Pear candles.

Haul Candle Storage Candles

One thing I love to do with my candles is store them on top of my bath room cabinet after I’ve cut a small line through the protective plastic film. That way even when a candle isn’t burning the bathroom still aways smells nice and you get this lovely mixture of scents.

I got these here

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  1. says

    I am addicted to candles and waxes. My husband and I just bought 4 full-size Yankee Candles when we were on vacation. They’ll last us all summer if not longer, and yet I still want to buy more!

  2. says

    I wish there was a scratch and sniff thing for laptops because these sound like they would smell amazing :)

  3. Tia says

    Hello,Klaire! I remember looking at the website last year and I have to ask which one is your favorite scent? :) Anyhoo,before I end up forgetting to say this,I’d like to wish you a happy 23rd birthday and hope you have a blast! Good luck! Love,Tia :) Luv u!

  4. Sanne says

    I often find that the smell is overpowering but then I never really explored the option of buying more expensive or better branded candles or waxes. They sound so nice!