Real Life Disney: Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel Makeup

And my first villain of the series! I had been planning to do Ursula first but I ended up doing Mother Gothel instead. In some cases (like Ursula) I’ll be making some major changes. But this look I decided to keep pretty close to the original.

I’ll be doing all the villains slightly younger

Oh and here’s a little trick if any of you are trying to take an cosplay pictures and want to make the flower glow without using an excessive amount of Photoshop. Get a thin torch and hold it so that it shines directly under the petals. Lily petals in particular are quite reflective. You’ll get a beautiful glow which you can then tweak in Photoshop.

Flower Gleam and Glow

So, there is my look and the first villain of my series. And for those of you asking, You can the earrings here (**), the lenses here and the dress here. Oh and which villain would you like to see next? Malificent, Ursula or Hook? Yes…I’ll be doing the men too! Beards here I come! :D

Hope you like the video! :D

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  1. Hannah says

    I would love to see maleficient next. She was the scariest disney character I have seen in a ling time. Hope you do the horns *fingers crossed* I sbsolutely adore your looks and your craftsmanship :-) you’re great :-) wish you a wonderful day from Austria! If ever you need anything from here, just contact me :-)

  2. Juliette Miksis says

    i’d like to see Ursula next. with the length of your hair now you could do her spiky hair like in the movie, get a black corset, and a black skirt that’ll make it look like you have tentacles(they have prom dresses like that). for the makeup her sharp red lips stand out the most. anyway, loved the mother gothel video… it was beautiful!!

  3. Alpaca says

    Ooooh, this look is so pretty *w* am really looking forward to the next! And it would be so nice if you would consider doing cruela as well!

    Love from HK

  4. Sakura says

    I love how a lot from this series can be wearable in public! You can add a hint of a Disney princess or villain to your everyday style, it’s nice!

  5. Tia says

    Hi Klaire! I just watched the video and all I can say is “WOW!” I have to say that this tutorial is amazing and you look beautiful and angelic. Anyway,I’ve never heard of Mother Gothel before. Which Disney film is she in? Please answer. Thanks. Much love,Tia :)

  6. Laura says

    Oh my! Please do Hook! That’ll be amazing!! :D
    By the way, isn’t it your birthday today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KLAIRE!! :D

  7. says

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