My Skincare: Face Creams

My Skincare Creams

I’ve tried a lot of different lotions and potions, and these three are one of the few products not only have a place of honour in my cupboard, but in all likely hood will be there permanently. They consistently work and I love them for it.

My skin type is combination and tends to move to the dry side in winter and oily in summer

For that reason I mix and match what products I use depending on what my skin needs at the time. If my skin is feeling normal, no irritation or dry/too oily, I like to mix a little of all three of these. The combination is lovely!

My Face Creams

 Aloe Vera With Tea Tree:

This one is my go-to when my skin is feeling oily irritated. If my skin is feeling dry as well as irritated I tend to mix it with a bit of coconut oil or Embryolisse if it’s sahara levels of dryness. I get mine here (**).

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre:

This doesn’t get used as often as the others since it’s crazy moisturizing (and quick moisturizing) but it’s one of those ‘I’m-desperate-fix-me-quick!” products. When you need it you really do need it! I already have a more thorough review on it here. You can buy it here (**).

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil:

In the past 2 years I think I’ve gone through 2-3 tubs of this stuff. I also use it for oil pulling and my hair, so it get’s used up a lot faster than if you were just using it for your skin. But since I finished my last pot of Enzymion I’ve been using this instead Enzymion. I got mine in Brighton but you can get the same one here (**).

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  1. says

    I love coconut oil! I mix it with lotion because I get crazy dry arms and legs, and I just let it soak in overnight. When I wake up, my skin feels baby soft!

  2. Nik says

    I’m just playing devil’s advocate so I’m aware my comment may offend but being thought-provoking is more my intention. Because of the cosmetics you use I always believed you were vegan, then I saw your blog on that chicken you cooked. Why do you bother boycotting animal testing when you eat chicken, the meat, dairy and egg industries are just as devastating; if not more so than the cosmetic testing industry.

    • Doubt. says

      I’m not Klaire so her reasons may differ from mine, but personally I’m the same – I eat meat but avoid anything that I know has been tested on animals (makeup wise). This is because while I know full well of the cruelty some suffer in that industry, I don’t have the willpower to cut it out completely, I love the taste of meat too much. But with makeup products, those aren’t a necessity in my life, and so if I’m going to use I product, I’d like to know it hasn’t been developed at the expense of animal’s lives.

    • says

      I personally eat meat and avoid animal tested products and fur because its hard to find ethical conditions in those industries (though some fur companies are stamped with a seal of being ethical I don’t know how much to trust that). However I know where my meat comes from, I source it from a local butcher and (cringe time) slaughter house. While I don’t have the stomach to go in or much think about it my partner and my parents have been to check the quality of the conditions, we’re big animal loving people but at the same time meat is a staple in our diets (tried the veggie thing, not for me, my body tells me what it wants to keep my fully healthy) and the better conditions the animals are kept in the better quality the produce anyway. I always encourage people to really source where there food comes from, buy local and grow what you can, and also eat a full balanced diet. Basically just do the best you can. Makeup is a luxury, unlike food its not essential to our lives so any animal suffering is pointless and selfishly motivated. That’s my view at least.

      • Nik says

        Agree that animal testing is selfish.
        We clearly disagree massively on everything else but don’t force your opinion on what “doing your best” is on me and I won’t either.
        But why do you use so many products tested on animals if you think it’s selfish? Your link to your site has so many products tested on animals yet you just said you avoid them, seemed odd is all.
        I like that Klaire avoids testing as it promotes awareness for the “goodguy” companies and it’s a victory for the animal world that even some meateaters see testing as wrong I just wasn’t expecting the meat on the site and found it disappointing.

  3. Felicity says

    I love coconut oil and aloe vera as well ! Coconut oil is great for my hair and as a body lotion and I also use aloe vera for my face.
    If you have a combinaison skin, you should try jojoba and hazelnut oil, they are great for oily skin and combinaison skin :) Definitely do a research on them :

  4. Stephanie says

    Hey Klaire! Can you do a video/blog post about oil pulling? It sounds interesting but there hasn’t been much research done on this, so I’m reluctant to try it. Have you been noticing any benefits?