Real Life Disney: Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Makeup

Every single time I try this wig on I think I might try going blond, then I remember I am quite possibly the laziest person on the planet when it comes to my hair. Wash it, an oil/vinegar/rosemary rinse every month or two and comb it. That is the extent of what I can be bothered to do!

 Moving onto non “princes’ characters now!

Plus I’m pretty sure given how I react to a lot of chemicals in products any hair dye might make my face melt of, so there’s reason number two to not die my hair! But I am going to try and lighten it with lemon and chamomile over the summer.

Tinker Bell Real Life Disney

I decided not to go with the wings and bun, mainly because I don’t have a blond bun or wings, and making wings is something I want to save for later for a light and dark angel duo I’m planning (I know, I plan far too many videos in advance)

Before people ask, I got the green shirt here 

Peter Pan is a character I’m thinking of adding in this series, but I think I draw the line at Wendy. Always, alway hated that character! The over the top english accents drove me nuts and I always thought she was one of the biggest wimps.

Tinker Bell Keyhole

I’m trying to practice using a skin filter for when we finally have the Fenix album recorded and start on the music videos. Don’t worry, it’s not a permanent thing, I’m very much against skin filters in makeup videos but I need to practice a little so today I’m making an exception.

So there you have it! My version of Tinker Bell!

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  1. Emily Erickson says

    This is PERFECT! Haha, and thank you so much for the Wendy comments, I feel the exact same way. I love her daughter, Jane, much better than her, because Jane had sass and didn’t fall for Peter and looked adorable in her shaggy little haircut, haha. I’m so in love with everything Peter Pan and I would love if you did a series, but this alone is so great. You’re awesome, gurl ;)

  2. Tia says

    Hi Klaire! Awesome tutorial and Tinker Bell is my favorite fairy! Will you by any chance be doing an angel of light makeup tutorial? I’ve made a pair of wings last year and I don’t have a halo made yet so what materials will I need for the halo? Need advice please. Thanks. Love,Tia :)

  3. Lizzie Dauphin says

    LOVE how you always end with “and that’s it, you’re done!” It’s so cute :)

  4. lilith d light says

    i agree so wholeheartedly on the wendy comment. but please – Please! – do a peter pan tutorial. you are such a chameleon, it would be interesting to see. he is my favourite disney character.
    great tutorial as always)

  5. Kate says

    Love this look! It’s probably one of my favorites so far :) Also, I love the way you’ve done the photography for the photo with the keyhole! I was just wondering what the name of the song is? For some reason I haven’t been able to find it, but I really loved it with this video!