Thranduil Crown DIY

DIY Thranduils cROWN2

And it’s here! Sorry for the delay, believe it or not this is very easy to make, time consuming, but easy. All you need is wire, a glue gun (no surprises there), two cans of spray paint and a few pine branches.

I know, I know…I used a glue gun…again!

I hope you like it, oh and a quick note. For the second channel I’ve had to change my schedule, I’ve made a quick video about it here.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. Toio says

    I absolutely loved it!!! you have teach me ways to use a gluegun i would have never imagine. I would like to ask you for a video of tips to use modeling clay, like diferent tipes and stuff. I’ve been trying Das clay but it always crack so im doing something very wrong.

  2. Nicole says

    It’s beautiful Klaire!
    I’ve been wanting to make Thranduil’s crown for a while but didn’t realy know how to start.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Yurie says

    I love this Crown, it’s so beautifully made :O
    I’m really bad at DIY, so I think it’s amazing that you can make such beautiful Things ^.^