Thranduil Makeup

The Hobit Thranduil Cosplay

Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten about my Disney series, but as those of you who watch me a lot know I like to break my series up a little, and today I’m breaking it up with a Thranduil tutorial.

I’ve collaborated with MAKE to make a DIY for the crown for this

MAKE haven’t uploaded the DIY video I made for them yet, I was hoping to wait till they uploaded it so that both videos could go up at the same time, but I couldn’t make you guys wait for this tutorial any more, so this video will go up today and I’ll put up a new blog post as soon as their video is live and share it with you on Twitter.

Woodlnad King

And I know the crown looks tricky to make, believe me it’s not! Time consuming yes, and you might accidently stick your fingers together like I did, but it is very simple once you break it down. I’ve listed where I got all the props and outfits down bellow. I kinda cheated on the jacket, I couldn’t find anything which wouldn’t cost £100 plus so I got a traditional chinese jacked instead which worked perfectly.

Where I got the outfit (**):

Ring 1 : Ring 2 : Ring 3 : Ring 4 : Jacket : Brooch : Wig : Lenses

 Actually really looking forward to going back to the disney series next week. Transformations are not my forte, you end up putting SO much makeup on your face and I think you guys know I like as little makeup as possible on my skin.

Thranduil's Sword

So…there you have it! My Thranduil tutorial! I hope you like it and maybe it’ll make this into a LOTR series but for the moment I just need to get back and finish off my Disney series.

Hope you like the tutorial!

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  1. Layla says

    Wow! You look so much like him!! Could you please do Cate Blanchett as Galadriel if you decide to do a LOTR series??? Or an updated Arwen? Please and thankyou :) Love your tutorials XX

  2. says

    Lovely tutorial! I love Thranduil so much and it was awesome seeing this tutorial. c: I can’t wait to see the DIY!
    And YES a LotR series would be so awesome, I really hope you could make one after your Disney one!

  3. says

    This is so good. I am as always so impressed. You look pretty much like Thranduil in the movie. Just amazing work. There is something going on with the voice over of the tutorial at one point. BUT amazing work!

  4. says

    This is such a beautiful look! Please do more Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit looks in future, please? :)

  5. says

    hey (: I bought the BB cream through the link you suggested…but looking at the packaging, ‘skin whitening’ seems to be a big part of the selling point. it contains arbutin used for inhibiting melanin production- is this harmful? I dont want to damage my skin

  6. says

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