Real Life Disney: Merida

Red Hair

This look reminded me why I want to keep my hair short. I just far too lazy to maintain long hair, but I’ll admit it was nice to feel like I had long hair again, even if it was just for a few hours.

This look is ridiculously simple and quick to do, it’s all about the hair!

And by the hair I don’t just mean the wig, you’ll also have to change the colour of your brows. Now there probably are “professional” mascaras for changing the colour of your brows/lashes, but apart from the fact that they would be expensive likely not get used up before they expired, I wanted to use something the average person is more likely to have.


Merida Brave

I hope you don’t mind that this video is so short, but honestly there wasn’t much more I could do with Merida since she doesn’t wear makeup of any kind, it it would not really be her if I added more makeup.

I hope you like the tutorial :) 

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  1. says

    Maleficient would be really cool to do I think. I would love to see your interpretation :) You made some horns in an earlier tutorial which reminded me of her.

  2. Laura says

    You have no idea of how much I love this look! Beautiful work, as always, Klaire. So simple, yet it looks so different, I guess that’s why I like this interpretation of yours so much, It’s not the typical eye shadow+big dark eyelashes+eyeliner look.
    Thanks for keeping doing such a good work, darling.

  3. Willow Whiteraven says

    You look just like her!! I guess this is one of the most simple looks you’ve ever done and I loved it!!

  4. Emilia says

    I love how simple and fresh it is!
    Since the makeup tutorial is so short, could you make a post about the outfit you put together for this character? I’s barely peeking through the hair and I know it’s probably not that important, nevertheless I am really curious about it…

  5. Kuri says

    I was expecting more difficult techniques for Merida since you look so Mich like her! Thanks for shring the hair painting trick, I’m definitely going to makr use of that often :D

  6. SoumeyaOfTheForest says

    I love it !!! it’s just incredible. oh and by the way ginger looks stunning on you Klaire !!

  7. May says

    If I start to go to college dressed as Merida, there is ONE person to be blame! <3
    I know that Studio Ghibli is distributed by Disney, therefore being part of the whole Disney Universe, Could you possibly make a wearable Howl Make up? I know it's a stretch but this is the best series you've ever done and Howl is my favorite Character Ever!!
    If Not, The Beast would be Awesome!

  8. says

    Wow, that looks great!

    I use a wig for live role playing and I’ve been searching for years for a way to colour my dark brown eyebrows and lashes without dying/bleaching them permanently.

    Could you tell me what kind/brand of colour you used?