Cherry Blossom Makeup

Cherry Blossom Makeup

 A few months ago I made these petal false lashes for a cherry blossom look I wanted to do. Now that I’ve tried them out I need to figure out a way to make them so that they’re slightly more more flexible, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Yes I know…more rhinestones. I can’t help myself! 

Although you don’t see it much in this video I made a cherry blossom headband and I’ll be showing you a tutorial on how to make it next Tuesday on my second channel.

Hope you like the video :) 

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  1. Servane says

    It’s Spring !
    Beautifull, really ! Sorry, but I don’t like so much the hair drop…

  2. Raíssa says

    Klaire, I know this comment has nothing to do with your tutorial and that I’ll ask something a little too personal, but I’d love if you did a video talking about yourself and your routine (not your face/make-up routine, but what do you do for fun, what do you work with, how’s the city where you live… things like that). I know it’s not the focus of your blog and that you’re a little shy, but I love your work so much that it has grown the curiosity about the person that does it – and I’m sure a lot other admirers would love it too.
    Oh, and thanks for the tutorial and sorry for the bad English (not a native speaker here).

    • lisa says

      i think she’s said in previous comments that she wants to keep her private life private. hope that cleared a few things up for you!

  3. Amy Gerreyn says

    Hi klaire :)
    My names amy and my débutant ball is coming up at the end of march, but a clise friend that was going to do my makeup has to work instead, and so now im going to do it but I have no idea what would look decent! Are you able to help me at all be giving pointers or doing a tutorial? Anything would be amazing.
    The thing is though, that I dont have a budget that I can go spending heaps, and I dont have a lot of the products avaiable here that you use, as im in australia.
    Another problem is that I dont even have a primer or anything so even if you can recommend a cheapish primer that still good?
    I have got slightly darker than tanned skin, so I find bright white is quite harsh, yet another obsticle! :/ the dress that I am wearing is plain white, but my shoes have a little silver if thar helps. The patterns in the dress and necklace are like leaves and flowers if that helps too.

    Sorry I know thats a lot of information and also a lot to ask of you so if your too busy if you can even refer me to someone?
    Sorry again!
    -Amy xxoo

  4. Beatriz says

    I really liked this tutorial and the makeup. It’s looks complicated but it’s simple to do and it’s so pretty!

  5. Tia says

    Hello Klaire! I just watched your Cherry Blossom tutorial and it looks very beautiful. I love the colors and you look very pretty. The headband is so cute. Where did you get the items to make it? If so,will there be a tutorial on how to make it? Love,Tia :)

  6. Kuri says

    Can’t stress enough on how creative and amazing you are. The whisps of cherry blossom, how do you come up woth something so pretty?! Keep up the awesome work, I’m a huge fan For ur disney series- the characters u might overlook; Angel from lilo and stitch, Jane/Tarzan, megara from Hercules,pinocchio, Anastasia, peterpan/Wendy/tinkerbell,robin hood, toystory character and violet from the incredibles. But my fav character is rapunzel (you could do her short haired version) :)

  7. Sofia says

    Hi Klaire! First off, you are my inspiration. I love doing makeup. I usually only do special FX though for the reason I am about to say: I have very big eyes. I love them. They are awesome. I also have long curly eyelashes. I am very lucky. The only problem that happens is when I try to do my eye makeup. I don’t have an upper eyelid (at least a visible one when my eyes are open). My eyes are so big that I have a super deep crease. I can cover the whole eyelid (just the lid. Not the part right under the eyebrows) and it will only look like eyeliner. I tried your butterfly tutorial one time because you made it so awesome. What happened was it looked great when my eyes were closed because you could see it but when I opened my eyes there was nothing you could see. Is there a different way I could do makeup to help this problem? I am asking you because you are my favorite makeup artist on youtube and probably just my favorite makeup artist. Meaning that you are just my favorite makeup artist of all time. So please get back to me about this. Thank you so much for everything Klaire. I spend almost every second that I have in my free time watching your videos. You are amazing. Well.. Thank again and bye! ^_^

  8. Sofia says

    Well hi again. Haha. I forgot to ask, where did you get all the stuff in your special FX giveaway. My birthday is coming up in April and I told my parents I want special FX makeup for my birthday. My dad said I need to find out where to get it. So I am going to name some things that might or might not already have been in the giveaway.
    Liquid Latex
    Sculpt Gel
    Spirit gum
    Scar Wax
    Blood powder
    Rigid Collodion
    tooth namel
    The special effects wheels
    I understand that you got it from Imats but I seriously have no idea what that is. I will look it up but I really have no clue. Another thing is that I live in America. So if you could give me international stores or websites that use all different types of money currencies that would be great. So once again, thanks.