DIY Beauty: Coconut Cleanser

DIY Coconut Cleanser

I’m trying not to inundate you all with coconut related video’s, but since I made my How To Make Coconut Milk video last week I thought that now would be a good time to show you one of my favourite DIY beauty tricks.

A mild cleanser and fantastic for a bit of TLC and moisture when your skin is feeling tired and stressed

There are so, so many other uses for coconut but I’m going to try and not go on a coconut overdose and wait a while till I show you the next DIY using it. I love this one for when my skin doesn’t want a heavy moisturiser slapped onto it but something which will gently moisturise and calm it. I’m especially fond of using it for the skin around my eyes when I’ve been staring at a computer too long or haven’t had a terribly good sleep.

Where to get the sheet masks:

  • Under eye sheets: These you can get from Muji for £1.50 (20 sheets) but you can also find dupes on sites like ebay, amazon, I’ve even seen some in Tiger.
  • Full Face Sheets: Like more things than I care to mention I got these from ebay (**) but I’ve also seen them sold in Muji.

Hope you like the video: 

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  1. thương huyền says

    Hi,love your videos, can you please make a video on weekly skin care routine and daily too, i would love to follow that :3 and more diy beauty pls

  2. michelle del angel says

    Hi!!, I love your creativity and I was hoping if you would consider doing a tutorial on the new Disney movie Maleficent. thank you!!

  3. says

    Hi Klaire! Since we’re all up in the coconut area lately (which I love :-)), I was wondering if you could maybe do a post about the benefits or bad sides of using coconut oil. I’ve heard a lot about this but opinions seem to be quite divided.

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