My Makeup Removal Routine

My routine

Pretty much every single time I upload a ‘heavy’ makeup tutorial I get a stream of people requesting that I do a makeup removal routine. So this week I finally caved and filmed it, though just a small heads up, it’s really is super simple. I’m not fond of using tones of products every day. I prefer to have a selection of products which I love and use them when my skin needs it.

My skin is combination and depending on my current diet or my mood (especially my mood) my skin can do a total 180

Since switching to coconut milk I’ve noticed that my skin really doesn’t need added moisture that often since it get’s the moisture internaly instead of externally, which personally I find to be the best method. In terms of skin care I think products are there to help your skin along, not there to make your skin dependent on them.

What I useWhat I used: 


I did a review of this here a few months ago and as you can see in the video I have two backups of this product, that’s how much I love it. It’s fantastic and worth every penny! (and a little goes a loooooong way).

Breath of Fresh Air: 

Again, another product I’ve done a review of (here) and I think I’ve gone through 3 bottles of this one so far but one thing I do is add a little of magnesium to it, roughly about a tea spoon for the whole bottle. Makes a massive difference to my skin.

Argan Oil: 

Been using this as an eye cream for well over a year now and I can’t really see myself changing that any time soon. Apart from being lovely on the skin it’s great for keeping your eyelashes in good condition. I get mine from Holland and Barrette.

Aloe Vera Gel: 

Normally there are two main creams I use, this and pure coconut butter (the same you would use for cooking). But like I mentioned I like to adjust my products according to what my skin needs and at the moment it’s feeling a little sensitive. Again, I get this at Holland and Barrette.

Mascara Removal Massage Brush:

I wonder how many of you thought this was some kind of weird rubber toothbrush? This is a fairly recent addition to my makeup removal routine but it’s beauty! So much more gentle on the eyes than the disposable mascara wands I was using before. I got mine here (**).

I hope you like the video :) 

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  1. Nine says

    Thanks for the video!

    Where do you get the magnesium and how much do you add to your Lush toner? :)

  2. Shannon Bee says

    Thank you Klaire for listing all your items here. I was so intrigued by that rubber wand when I saw you cleaning off your eye makeup with it!! I have never seen anything like that in my life, and now I want one.

    • Klaire says

      For some reason my skin absolutely cannot handle it regularly. I tried a few years ago to use it to remove my makeup and I had to stop.

  3. Rachel says

    I use aloe vera gel!! my skin is really dry so i apply a layer of my medicated moisturiser then one of aloe vera gel and my skin feels great!

  4. Lauren says

    Thanks for putting these tips up. I might try them out myself now, as I find the removal wipes can be a bit harsh to my skin, especially around the eyes, and moisturisers and creams just don’t always do the job.

  5. Chiyou says

    Gosh, you are so pretty and cute. I love your smile! You look great without makeup and your skin has definitely improved over the years! I’ve been following your work since 2011/2012 and I definitely see the difference in your skin. Your hair is also growing out very nicely. You’re gorgeous inside and out. =]

  6. says

    Oh my, you’re so cute :3
    i was felling sad cause i cant find any good make up remover here in brazil, maybe try to get yours!!!
    And you’re blog is amazing, loving him <3

    beijos haha.

  7. Shandra Grace says

    Your voice is so calming! Thanks for sharing your skincare routine! Btw, you should try using oil to remove your makeup, it not only removes all your makeup easily but also leaves your skin baby soft, and lashes silky and it helps to thicken and darken them and makes them grow! :) I’ve been using sweet almond oil lately, it has vitamin e which is amazing for skin.