Four Horsemen: Death

Don't Cry

Now that I’ve started to get into the habit of doing makeup series I’ve noticed I get so, so happy when I finally reach the end of one of them. I shouldn’t really be happy about finishing this one because the next one is going to take a stupid amount of work to get it to look the way I would like (the chess series) but hey, I’m going to enjoy the feeling for now.

My thought was that after going through Conquest, War and Famine, Death would be a relief. So I wanted to portray it that way

I didn’t want death to look scary, rather I wanted it to look daunting but beautiful, so I followed a rough skull like pattern but make it ornate and a ‘little’ bling-y.

Four Horsemen Death

One thing I will say if you’re trying to re-create this is don’t focus too much on copying exactly what I do. Rather you should take key elements such as the teeth, the oubtline of the socket and follow along the cheek bones but don’t stress too much on imitating the filagre patterns too much.

Whatever skin tone you have use colours which are contrasting and not too close to your own skin tone

Now for darker skin tones the colours you would use change slightly but not as much as you would think. Follow exactly the same steps I did but instead of brown use cream, use white instead of black and gold (or silver) instead of the white eyeliner.

Till Death

As much as it might look complicated when it’s broken down it really isn’t. Time consuming yes, but is you take your time and focus on each individual layer it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D 

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  1. Stellar says

    What’s this, what’s this?! (there’s something in the air :P) Klaire your images are showing up on bloglovin’!

  2. Cristina says

    Wow, I think this is my favorite look from the series!
    Off topic, but would you like to do a dryad look at some point?

  3. Chloe412Celeste says

    This was absolutely amazing! You are a genius Klaire, I loved this Four HorseMen series and kind of sad it over..but hope you’ll come back with a new interesting project:)

  4. Catherine says

    Just curious, what BB cream are you using in these videos? I can’t seem to see the name on the brand when you show it.

    Love your work! You make everything look flawless and easy! So great! :)

  5. Jill says

    Your work is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Iam going to attempt this but I know it won’t even come close to yours! You are so talented and I look forward to more of your vids!

  6. janette says

    Can we also sugguest ideas too klaire. So you’ll have more series cause I’d really like for you to do the alice in wonderland like Alice, the queen of red hearts, the queen of spades, the knight of red hearts, and the mad hater

  7. janette says

    Oh sorry. And by the way i love all your videos specially the four horsemen and the seven deadly sins