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Nina Richi

I have to hand it to Nina Ricci, their perfumes bottles are almost as nice as their perfumes and a huge factor for when I’m sniffing around for a new one. There’s something so exciting and luxury about looking at your perfume bottles laid out on your desk before picking your scent for the day.

Top notes, Rhubarb Zest, Bergamot. Middle notes: Moonflower, Tuberose, Centifolia Rose and base notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood

I don’t like having just one scent. Like my clothes I like to mix and match my outfits and scents depending on my mood. Of the three Nina Ricci perfumes I got this is my second favourite, heavy enough for night time but light enough for the day too provided you don’t overdose on sprays.

Nina Ricci Ricci

It’s a little sweet but has a bit of a spicy kick to to it which is lovely, and like all the Nina perfumes, it lasts all day. The initial spray can be a little bit overpowering (I think it’s the rhubarb), you do not need more than two sprays, once it settles you get warm floral smell. 

I’d describe this as a warm floral smell (not sweet) with a kick 

One odd thing about this though is that I can’t spray it on my décolletage, even though I’m fine on my wrists, back of the ears or back of my neck. For some reason this perfume on the front of the neck/chest area makes my skin get so itchy. Not rash levels itchy, but uncomfortable non the less, so just something to bear in mind.

I bought this item (**) here

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