Review: Beauty UK Posh Palette | no. 2 Masquerade

Posh Palette

With all the neutrall palettes and Naked palettes craze which has been going on in the blogging world for the past few months, well the last year or two really, I wanted to review something on the cheaper side of the spectrum.

I did a review on the MUA Undress me palette a few months ago, but this one had a little more variety in the shades

As much as people think red is an unwearable colour it really isn’t. It all depends on how you wear it and I liked that this pallet had a good selection of greys too, and not just a repetitive selection of browns.

Makeup Palette

Natural Makeup Palette

They also have a nice selection of mattes, shimmers and pearl shades. A personal pet peeve of mine is when a palette as far too many shimmers, it’s just a bad idea and it’s not good for a versatile palette.


  • £5.99
  • Ten Shades
  • Cruetly-free

As far as I can tell from the ingredients this particular pallet is Vegan friendly (synthetic wax) but I’m not absolutely sure about the rest of the ingredients. Unfortunately they don’t have names for each shade, so I’ve had to number them to make it a little easier to rate them.

Bottom Layer of Masquerade

Bottom Row: 

  • One: Disappointing. Weak and unpigmented.
  • Two: Same problem as one. Un-pigmented and pressed too hard.
  • Three: Decently pigmented but does need layering a little.
  • Four: So pigmented! A absolute beauty! 
  • Five: Satin finish, slightly powdery but decently pigmented. 

Top Row:

  • Six: A beautiful rose gold shimmer pearl eyeshadow. Nicely pigmented. 
  • Seven: A pale cream colour, an ever so slightly powdery texture but a good eyeshadow.
  • Eight: A slightly powdery texture but pigmented.
  • Nine: It’s little powdery and doesn’t stick very well.
  • Ten: Sheer, a very weak colour. No matter no much you layer it. 

Top Layer Masquerade Palette

In a way, even though this pallet has a few duds I think I prefer it slightly to the MUA Undress me Palette. It has a better selection of colours, shimmer, pearls and mattes, and an absolutely fantastic black shade which I think is utterly essential to a versatile makeup palette.

You can get this here

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  1. Tia says

    Wow! Those colors are very pretty, even if a few of them don’t work very well. Which color did you like even more? Tia :)

  2. Laynie says

    My hubby took my kids xmas shopping for me and they bought me this exact palette and the one with bright colours too! I love it so much. my little girls liked seeing you using what they bought me on here :)made their day!!!