Snow Fairy

Winter is Comming

I was going to call this look Winter is Coming, but I was a little worried some people wouldn’t get the reference and others would complain that “that isn’t a sean bean look!”. So winter fairy it was!

The berry crown was easy, it’s just a few branches and wire wound together, that’s it! Simple.

Originally I was going to make a holly crown, but I thought it might be very painful to wear so I went for a berry wreath crown instead. I had roughty based this look on a variation of the makeup I did for Phildel in her “Comfort Me” music video, just with more rhinestones of course ;)

Ice Snow Queen

For this video I wanted to experiment with the editing a little and try and make the footage almost black and white except for the red, which I wanted to stand out. I was worried that it might not turn out how I wanted it to look, but overall I was quite happy with the final result.

Since I’ll be editing the Fenix music videos I’m trying to experiment and get as much practice as possible

Doing the pictures of this was fun! When I’d been editing the pictures for my Ghost of Christmas past look I discovered a little technique for blending pictures together which worked so well for the candles. But today I wanted to make it look like it was snowing in the picture and I hadn’t previously attempted to do that, so I wan’t sure how it would turn out.

Let it Snow

At first I tried experimenting with a few photoshop brushes, but they just looked odd (I was probably doing it wrong to be honest) so instead I took a picture of glitter falling, and layered that over the pictures and it worked perfectly!

I hope you like the tutorial :) 

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  1. Dani N says

    Love this look. This color combination suits you. The snow effect with your pictures was realistic and well done :D
    How you started with that black wing and created a gradient to your brow brings me to a request. Would you do a smoky eyes look for dark-haired and dark-eyed people?

  2. Anastasia says

    So beautiful, I love the contrast with the berries. I would have never guessed that you layered glitter over the image to make it look like snow! You should definitely make more posts about editing and such. Cant wait to see what you come up with next =)

  3. says

    I really love this look, especially the contrast of the red and the white :) I think it’s very festive. Also, I love the choice of music ^^

  4. Beatriz says

    I just love the idea of a snow fairy and any other snow look, specially when it’s so delicate and this one was just awsome!

  5. Marion says

    It’s really beatiful, the make up around the eyes stays simple even if it appears sophisticated. You really look like a fairy!
    I was wandering where do you buy your rhinestones?

  6. Yvonne says

    Absolutely beautiful and amazing! Keep up the great work!
    Just one question: Could you write down, where exactly you bought the Rhinestones? I know you said from the range,but i did’nt find any website that sells them.

    Thanks ;)