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Nina Richi Love in Paris

So part of me should be very disappointed that I gave in and bought this. I said in my last perfume purchase (which got used up in about 3 months) that I would treat myself with a new perfume for each song I wrote and recorded for Fenix. Well…the album is completely written now but not recorded, so yes, I cheated.

I figured that I don’t want/need more than 3 perfumes (famous last words) and since I’d written the songs it was technically ok

And there was 25% off…so that pushed me over the edge haha! I bought three perfumes; this, Richi Richi and Nina-L’Elixir. As I’m sure you can tell by now I’m a huge fan of the Nina Richi perfumes, they’re cruelty-free and tend to be the kind of smells I love.

Love in Paris

This one is a bit of an unusual sent for me since I normally go for sweet floral smells. And it has two scents that I normally avoid, rose and musk, but for some reason this perfume just works for me. It’s a slightly more ‘mature smell’ than tend to go for but I love it!

Top notes: bergamot, star anise and rose | Middle Notes: white peony, velvety apricot, sheer jasmine | Base notes: sandalwood, cedar wood, musk and vanilla

It’s quite funny that since I’ve moved from The Body Shop perfumes I’ve realised what a difference a good perfume makes. The smell of these (the Nina Ricci perfumes) last all day without a problem and I can even smell it on my coat a few days later. I’d describe this as a musky spring smell.

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  1. Hinahon says

    My mum loves her perfumes, she has “L’air du temps” – i dunno how it’s called in english and “Nina” and she loves them.
    She also used to love “Cappricci” but it’s been discontinued sadly :(
    I’ll have to check that one to see if she could like it ^^

  2. Fie says

    I never buy perfumes because most brands tend to be too overpowering, I find. Funnily enough, I used to only wear a Body Shop coconut perfume, and found the same difference once I started using a good brand. I can’t find a coconut scent in a good brand, sadly, it’s my favourite smell.
    I currently only use a Paco Rabanne one called Black XS (love the Rock style bottle, too) which I got in an airport (cheaper that way), but I also had a look at some of the Nina Ricci scents. Even more tempted to get one now!