Ghost of Christmas Present

Christmas present

Of course the minute I’d finished editing and uploading this I realised…*sigh*…that it really is a variation of the Christmas look I did last year. I seem to have this thing where I go for gold and green each christmas. So…yea, sorry about that! :/

This kind of look is not for anywhere with harsh lighting. Late and with low-lighting looks best with this combination

And while I’m on the role for apology’s sorry about this video being up so late. The annoying thing is I worked my butt off this week to get all 3 of the Ghost videos done (I had to re-film the ghost of Christmas past because I hated my original version) so of course You Tube thought they would throw a spanner in the works and hit my videos with a false copyright claim.


I’d planned to use this track by SleepTheif which worked so well but You Tube were not doing anything about the claim from CD Baby so I had to change the music. Not much point in uploading a Christmas look after Christmas.

Since this is the Ghost of Christmas Present it made sense for the look not to be over the top or more of a character kind of look, but like something you would wear in this day and age.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. Debbie B says

    It really is a lovely look. I can see wearing it for New Year’s Eve perhaps. I think there’s just the right amount of glitz and glitter.

  2. Bekah says

    It may have been annoying dealing with the Youtube claim, but I think it’s kind of fitting that the Ghost of Christmas Present came out last. It is the most joyous of the three and since Christmas is around the corner it’s nice to end the trilogy on a happier note.

  3. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    I actually really love this look. It’s perfect for New Years too because New Years is usually all about the glitter and sparkle, and in my family, my grandma tells us to wear green on New Years because its supposed to bring you good luck and wealth. :) Merry Christmas! And thanks for working so hard to get these looks up for us! They came out perfectly, really.

  4. Mary says

    its Christmas Eve Morning here on the east coast in the usa and this is a very gorgeous idea to work with. Thank YOU for putting so much work into the holidays, fightin it out with youtube, and editing, and being so devoted to your channel and your art

  5. Amber says

    Such a pretty look!! I was wondering if you could do a video on making eyeliner look good in the inner corner of the eye. No matter how I put it on, whenever I use liquid eyeliner, gel liner, and even pencil liner always looks funny. Maybe it’s just me, or just my eye shape. But if you have any tips for that, I would love to hear them!!

  6. Elly Sharrock says

    It’s very pretty :) you’re very classically beautiful!

    I think I’ll do this for New Years! (But with silver & blue)

  7. Rachel says

    This is so beautiful, ideal for christmas!!! I love how glittery it is!! the gold and green really brings out your eyes! MERRY CHRISTMAS KLAIRE!!!!!! Have a really good time and enjoy your inter net detox!!