Ghost of Christmas Future

Ghost of Future

Now you’re prObably wondering, hey…where’s the Ghost of Christmas Present? Well, thanks to you tube and their terrible new system companies who don’t own or even distribute the music used can just make a claim on your video. And then all you can do is dispute the claim and wait for You Tube to get around to resolving the issue eventually.

So I’ve had to upload this series in the wrong order, thanks You Tube

I sorry about this :( I worked my butt of this week to get all these videos done, filmed, photographed and edited as well as I could, and then You Tube just chucked a spanner in the mix!  I hope you like this one  though and hopefully the problem will be fixed in the next day or so.

My Future

Now I know that traditionally the Ghost of Christmas Future is show either with no face or one which looks like a scull, but I think most of you know by now that I repeating what’s already been done and like to put my own spin on things.

The idea is simple. Each side of the face represents a different future, one sad and one happy

Depending on which side of the face you can see then that if your future. Though annoyingly when I was looking through the pictures pretty much all the good ones were of the sad side of the face, it seems even subconsiously I prefer darker looks. They always come so much more naturally.

Dark Days

I hope you like the tutorial and with any luck You Tube will get their act together and release the claim soon so I can make the Ghost of Christmas Present live. Other than that thank you so much for making this year a great one and I’ll be back in the New year with hopefully improved videos and blog posts for all of you!

Merry Christmas! :D 

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  1. Tia says

    Wow! This is absolutely beautiful,Klaire. You’ve done a great job! Anyway,I have a question. I’ll be wearing red and green and silver eyeshadow but the colors don’t show up as good when I wear foundation all over my eyes. Is there a certain brand of eyeshadow primer that you’d recommend? Thanks for the advice. Merry Christmas! Love,Tia :) P.S. May the son of God bless you always.

  2. Rita Saraiva says

    Fantastic as always : O

    I loved the idea of the two faces. Really well done : )

    Good luck with youtube ;;

  3. sarah says

    The sad side of the face is what my make-up always ends up looking like! Well done Klaire, this is beautiful!

  4. Jessica R says

    Phenomenal as always! I’m sorry about the snafu with YouTube. It’s really been reeking havoc on everyone. :(

  5. Kuri says

    The pictures are so beautiful, it looks like they really move because they express so much emotion!

  6. Akira says

    Just thought that you should’ve taken two separate side-profile pictures and then put them side-by-side to really see the contrast of the two. I think that would’ve given more of an impact to the viewers.

  7. Lillian Dougherty says

    Every time you do a new look they continue to inspire and amaze me, this is absolutely beautiful and really just awesome, really. Thank you for sharing this series, they’ve been great.