My Favourite Makeup Books

My Favorite Makeup Books

Since I did a post on my favourite art books it seemed fitting to do one on my favourite makeup books too. Just like my art books selection, there will be some which are not the kind of books everyone will appreciate. But hopefully there will be at least one in this video that you like.

Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones (**)

If you’re a makeup artist or a bride planning their own wedding this book is a fantastic resource. It has a really good selection of models of different skin tones, ages and eye shapes which is fantastic considering it’s something a lot of makeup books overlook.

Express Makeup & Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris (**)

So far I have two of Rae Morris’s books. Express Makeup and  Makeup: The ultimate guide. Of the two, as far as tutorial book goes I prefer Express Makeup, they both have extremely similar information, the only difference really being the pictures and layout.

Face Forward & Making Faces  by Kevyn Acoin (**)

These books are one of my favourites! The layout and makeup is slightly, dated but they’re still fantastic books by a man who was the best in his field. Making Faces is the kind of book I would recommend for someone just starting makeup and Face Forward for anyone already aquainted with makeup to get a little inspiration from the transformation photos.

Special Effects by Richard Rickitt (**)

This one is a little more geared towards anyone studying film or special effects. It does have a small section on makeup but it’s generally about the history of makeup and, for me at least, it’s facinating!

The Winston Effect by Jody Duncan (**)

Another book that not everyone is going to appreciate, but anyone who’s seen Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Interview With a Vampire (ok I’ll stop now cause the list is loooong) will love this book!

Alex Box by Rankin (**)

Unfortunantly this book is a little rare now (so expensive). I bought this book about 2 years ago at IMATS, it was the last book they had there so I was over the moon to be able to get it! This book, along with Makeup is Art (which I somehow managed to forget to include in this video).

Hope you like the video :) 

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  1. says

    It would be good to see one for fashion too! I remember, maybe it was in some kind of gift guide you did, where you spoke about The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. It’s on my christmas list this year, so it would be cool to see what other books you have that you feel are worth getting. :)

  2. says

    I really enjoyed this video.

    I’d love to get the Alex Box one.
    The Winston Effect goes on my ‘Want want want’ list :D .

  3. Mari says

    The last book you reviewed seems very artistic. I hope they still sell it so I can pick it up. I’ve actually been wanting to play around with my palettes and I think that one has several pictures for ideas.

    Thanks a bunch for this blog.

  4. chelsea williams says

    Just ordered 3 out of 5 of those books! so keen to get them. I love Stan Winston’s work(R.I.P Great Man). I’m actually starting to buy the Stan Winston School of Characters Arts courses.