My Favourite: Art Books

My Favorite Books

Since Christmas is coming up I decided to do some videos on my favourites. I’ll also planning on doing this for my favourite art supplies, makeup books and possibly makeup too…though I’m not sure about the makeup one.

These are books that every time I pick them up I feel inspired or learn something new

I thought it would also be a good way to give suggestions for christmas gifts since, unlike makeup, it’s not something that get’s covered a lot in Christmas suggestions videos.

Imaginative Realism by James Gurney (**)

This book is perfect for people who full of ideas for fantacy and sci-fi but are struggling to get it out of their head and onto the paper.

Collins Complete Artist Manual (**)

I mentioned this book last year and once again it’s made an apperence because it’s nothing short of bing the bible for artists.

Colored Pencil by Alyona Nickelson (**)

Good books on coloured pencil can be very hard to find just because it’s considered a very “childish” medium by art snobs, and while we’re on the topic you have to check out Jennifer Healy’s art. Her pencil drawings are utterly breathtaking.

Colour and Light by James Gurney (**)

If you’re going to get this book I personally would recommend you get it along with Imaginative Realism. The two books are a perfect duo.

The Life and Works of Turner by Michael Robinson (**)

Not everyone is going to like this book since its on an artist who’s works I personally enjoy very much. But like I mentioned in the video, there are many more books like this on Rembrandt, Degas and Monet.

Expressive Portraits by Jean Pederson (**)

One of the oldest, if not the oldest book in my collection. I must have borrowed this book from the libray about 20-30 times before I saved up enough to get it.

Oeuvre by Drew Struzan (**)

My all time favourite book for inspiration and artist block (along with James Gurney). Apart from that it’s a perfect coffee table book.

Hope you like my suggestions and the video :)

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  1. Ramona says

    Those are interesting books. My favorite reading is fantasy/fiction. I love looking at the drawings like that.

    Thanks for your time and I liked the video.

  2. Constance says

    Thanks for this video, Klaire!

    For me it is very interesting were people get their inspirations from. (:

  3. Annaëlle says

    I’m a huge fan of Drew Struzan. His posters are so realistic, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hook, he is a great artist. Thak you for having shown me this book Klaire ;)

  4. Hanne Lundsgaard Voltelen says

    Has “The life and works of Turner” been republished(?) as “Turner: His Life and Works in 500 images”?

    I can’t find it anywhere online, and I must have it.

    Thank you so much for sharing these.