DIY Lashes: Blossom Leaves

The last set of lashes I made (well…I made another pair but I didn’t like them) for a shoot, and probably the easiest to make out of all of them.

I used tissue and pro-markers to stain the tissue 

Along the edges I used a darker colour to create a slight gradient, though later when I’d finished attaching the petals to the false lash band I used an airbrush to stain it slightly more since I wasn’t terribly happy with the final result.

To stick the petals I used individual lash glue and tweezers to apply them. Overall they were very simple to make, just takes a lot of patience and time to cut, paint and stick the petals.

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  1. Lexy says

    Autumn leaves? Grass? Blossom petals? Is this a four seasons theme I see? I wonder if the next will be wintery or frosty. :D

  2. samantha diaz says

    Very creative as always! I must say that i appreciate how well preaper your tutorials are!! You are really talented!! Much admiration all the way from México!! (Sorry about my english)