DIY Laurel Wreath

I know…technically adding the oak leaves doesn’t make it an ‘authentic’ laurel wreath, but it looked so much better with them! There are easier ways to make this. Like just buying some cheap fake plants, wrapping them around a wire crown and spray painting it gold, but like a genius that didn’t occurre to me till after I’d finished making the crown.

I was making this one as the head piece for Conquest

But since I know a tone of you will be asking me for a DIY tutorial when I wear these in my Conquest tutorial I thought I’d show you how I did it anyway.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. Tia says

    Wow! It looks very beautiful. I love how you put every detail into it. Can’t wait to see the tutorial. Good luck and I would like to say my hat’s off to you. Love from the USA,Tia :)

  2. Rachel says

    I think that making the leave stalks and using card and oak leaves is much better than using plastic plants because your putting more work into it and it just makes it more…well you!

  3. Aaliyah says

    Hi Klaire, I think it would absolutely wonderful if you could do a Thranduil crown tutorial, I’ve been looking for a tutorial so I can make one but there aren’t any decent ones. Plus I’m totally puzzled as to how the crown didn’t slide down the back of Thranduil’s head. From the crowns I have seen it’s squashing everyone’s ears.