DIY: Blackhead Buster Face Mask

This mask I like for two things. One, for when your skin can’t seem to make it’s mind up on how it’s going to behave, and two, for clearing out spots brewing away under the surface of the skin.

I like this one for regulating temperamental skin and attacking blackheads

One down-side to this mask is that it can make dormant zits come to the surface. Technically that is a good thing, since it’s rubbish out of your skin, but obviously not everyone is going to appreciate that.

If you want to avoid that possible outcome then just don’t use charcoal (or use less of it) since that’s what pulls the rubbish out, the other ingredients are all fantastic for the skin if they have the charcoal with them or not.

 Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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  1. Duff says

    I outta try that sometime!!!

    You said that 2 videos will be up this week,will one be the vlog of the phidel shoot- or will both of them be makeup tutorials? :)

    P.s that face mask looks so crazy XD

    • Klaire says

      Yes I should have Conquest (Four Horsemen Series) going up and a collab video and then the Phildel vlog :)

  2. Duff says


    Please move your live stream to the weekend please.I still in school at 7:30 Uk time (I live in America).But if you don’t I understand just want to see you live because I’m a HUGE fan. But it’s ok if you don’t,I imagine it would be tough but I thought I would just say.

  3. says

    This looks really easy and great, but I don’t think my roommate will be very happy if I get black things all over the place. :)

  4. says

    Hi Klair,

    Amazing face mask again. I’m on the search for a new pestle and morter to make these brilliant masks of yours and I absolutely love your one. Where did you purchase it from and could you pass over a link?


    • Klaire says

      I bought mine in a shop called Claus Olson (it’s slightly more “gritty” than other mortars I’d seen). Though you can probably find a dupe on Amazon :)

      • Haleema says

        That’s brilliant! I was looking for one in that exact shape and almost accidentely ordered one from Macy’s in America, not realising the p&p was about £40!! I’ll be ordering the same one from Claus Olson.

  5. LauraO says

    Hi Klaire, I want to make this face mask but in my country I can only find activated charcoal powder, is this the same as the one you used, how much do I use? also the coconut water can be replaced for the natural one or is better to use the commercial one?

  6. jasmine says

    I see that you have used medical charcoal. Where were you able to find that at? Thanks in advance for the answer! :)