DIY: Octopus/Kraken Jar

I’ve wanted to make this one for so, so long! Ever since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean:At World’s End I’ve wanted to make a Kraken jar, and I’ve finally made one!

“All you need is clay, netting a jar and some sculpting tools”

To be fair you don’t need the sculpting took, though they do help a lot, a spoon will also work pretty well. Now I know an Octopus only has eight tentacles but I’m going to cheat a little and give this little fellow a few more legs to be proud of.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. Laura says

    It’s awesome! I need to collect a few jars and the materials and then i’m going to make your Smaug and Kraken jars! Where do you get these great idea’s? ;)

  2. Krista says

    Wow! This so cool, I’m definitely going to try this, and this works out too because I have some clay that I didn’t know what to do with. :)

  3. Kuri says

    This is so creatively thought of and so pretty, I love it! (one of my favorite diy by you so far)

  4. Simona says

    Wow! When you posted the picture of the Jar it seemed so difficult! But I watched the video it seems simple! I try to do it but I don’t think that it’ll be wonderful like yours.

  5. says

    Hello from Canada Klaire! I just want to say I love your videos and blog! I can relate in many ways to your content (I went to art school, i love makeup, i love nifty little things (referring to your pill box here haha). I love that your content is so unique and easy to follow! Can’t wait to see more from you :)

  6. Rachel says

    I wondered if you could give us more explanation of the lazy nails thing and how nail wraps work.

  7. Sophie says

    Okay I’m busy making this but it’s nothing like yours… It’s not finished yet, but oh my god, yours is just artwork! (As is anything you make really…) Keep it up!

  8. Linda C says

    The octopus jar please! I think you actually uploaded it already. Looking forward to watching it!

  9. Ann Kristin says

    cool DIY kraken jar.. But what happen to the Seven deadly sind.. I think you have tree more do go ;)

  10. Maxie says

    It looks amazing! I thought it would be too dark when you used the black paint. But it doens’t even look that dark.

  11. Heidi says

    I didn’t know if entering was liking this post or commenting…? So thought I’d leave a comment also just incase :) I obviously chose this jar as my vote! :) it’s creative, functional and perfect for the fall season! Beautiful work! I’m now following your blog too :) Ty for the entry!