Klaire’s Wardrobe: Gold Scissor Earrings

I know, it’s a little weird but I love weird! Weird makes me laugh. I saw these on e-bay a few weeks ago and completely fell in love, I figured I already had key, cog and bolt earrings so scissor earrings aren’t that odd compared.

The seller also had these in silver too

Recently I’ve really been getting into pale gold jewellery which is quite funny for me since I’ve hated that dark gold jewellery colour for years, but pale gold I’ve started to really like!

Normally I’m a firm fan of silver and bronze, but I think pale gold is my new obsession. And considering that it looks great against black, which is the colour I wear the most, maybe that’s not a bad thing :D

You can get these here 

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    • Klaire says

      I’ve contacted partner support, the musician and disputed the claim so all I can do is wait at this point :/

      • Duff says

        Thank you so much for responding it means a lot to me since that’s the first time I have ever contacted you in any way

  1. Hanna Khalil says

    Klaire, this is completely random but since you are British I thought id ask, do you watch strictly come dancing?

      • Hanna Khalil says

        Aaw,its not everyone’s cup of tea, I find your make up amazing by the way!! my friends have planned a halloween party and im going as wrath!!

  2. says

    I used to be strictly only a Amazon person but your blog has seriously turned around my opinion of eBay shopping. :P These earrings are quite lovely, reminds me of the necklace of golden scissors on ModCloth.