Review: Sleek Gloss Me Matte Me Lipgloss

Disclaimer: Items provided for review. 

I’m a little bit late to the party on this one, but at least now I’ve had a chance to really test them out and photograph them how I wanted. There are two different formulas for these, gloss and matte.

I was sent four colours, Rose, So Berry Sweet, Brink Pink and Rioja Red. 

The bottle is quite a similar shape to the e.l.f studio glosses, just slightly longer and not so stubby. Though I wasn’t fond of Sleeks last try at matte lipsticks with these, since then they’ve really improved. Less drying and not so prone to flaking after a few minutes.

For the gloss lipglosses I wasn’t overly crazy with Rose. It is one of those colours that needs to be applied thinly or it looks… streaky? Blobby? So Berry Sweet though is a beautiful bright berry colour. I really liked the texture for both of them, not runny or too sticky.


  • £4.99
  • Cruelty Free 
  • 6 Gloss Shades 6 Matte Shades 
The matte lipglosses, surprisingly, I liked! You can’t wear it on lips that are remotely dry or it’ll dry them so much the Sahara will be jealous. If you rub the Rioja red shade, it will clump. It wouldn’t clump if you just smacked or rubbed your lips, but don’t go scrubbing at it absent-mindedly.

The wands I’m not terribly fond of the standard sponge tip applicators, but I am a huge fan of the brush tip ends. So much nicer to apply and you get so much product on the tip without having to dip it back into the bottle again and again. Then again, that’s more of a personal preference.

You can get the matte and gloss lipglosses here

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  1. Tia says

    Those colors are very pretty! I once read this in a magazine and it said if you wear a berry lip color,it makes your teeth look whiter. Love the color so berry sweet. It looks like a very pretty color. :) Tia

  2. rachel says

    These are so pretty!

    A while back i commented on the last £25 pound challenge look you did suggesting you use the blue, black and light pink, I have since bought the palette for myself and have discovered just how sheer the light pink is, even when i painstakingly hacked it to death it wouldn’t show! anyway SO looking forward to gluttony, after your planned next series you could do a series of Alice in Wonderland, but not do the original tim burton one ( though I love them, they are a little overdone) but do your own version and portray each character exactly how you see them. I thought after doing seven deadly sins and the four horsemen you might want to do something a little lighter and totally bonkers!

    hello from Scotland!

  3. Rachel says

    Sorry to comment again, but is anyone else excited about the new sleek brush set that’s coming out soon!!!