Klaire’s Wardrobe: DIY Vintage Kimono

A few months ago I’d been browsing e-bay and came across this beautiful kimono-style shawl, the only thing is it was around £60, and as much as I loved it I was not about to pay £60 for it.

It was essentially just two pashminas sewn together, so I found two which I liked and made my own

It’s so simple it almost doesn’t need a tutorial. Also have fun with what you use, there is no reason why you have to use the same pashmina on either side. Experiment and have fun with it!

I bought the two pashmina’s I used here

I know I haven’t uploaded on my second channel in over a month now, but I’ve finally managed to resume a normal schedule and should be uploading regularly (every Tuesday) on there now. Have so many tutorials I can’t wait to share with you!

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  1. Teresa says

    People on eBay should give you a commission! I have also used two pashmina scarves to make a skirt. You could use more if you wanted a very full skirt, but I found two, cut across and sewn together, to be perfect. Hugs, Klaire!

  2. Maxie says

    Really funny to see how you can make something fancy from something simpel. I can’t wait to see more DIY on this channel. Really mist it.