I shaved my head

So….I finally did it! We raised the £5,000 so as promised I have shaved my head and donated the useable part of my hair to Wigs for Kids. BTW anyone wanting to know how you can donate hair can see a video by Wigs for Kids here.

The day after I woke up and my brain felt cold. Like I’d eaten too much ice cream 

The strangest thing when the hair was all gone was feeling the wind on my scalp, I kept sticking my my head out the window just to keep feeling it, felt so strange but nice at the same time.

Pros and cons

Two minute shower, a two minute shower! Yes I know that’s quite a silly thing to get excited about but considering it normally takes me a good 5 minute to wash (8 if I deep condition it with oil) it’s quite nice to cut so much time out of having a shower.

Cons…oh my gosh it’s cold! Even with the warm weather we’ve been having I woke up the day after with a serious headache, like I had brain freeze. And synthetic wigs? Those things itch like crazy! Now I’m kinda extra happy my hair is going to make a wig because there is nothing comfortable about synthetic wigs when they’re strait against your scalp.

Here is my video :) 

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  1. maria rosa servin says

    Greetings from Paraguay! I’ve been watching yout videos on youtube, and I think that what you’re doing it absolutely amazing!

  2. Leanne D says

    Fair play to you! That was a huge and scary step to take but you did it and I really admire you for it! (well, I admired you anyway) I wish I was brave enough to do something that drastic for charity.

    And you look as beautiful as always :)


  3. Adrianne says

    You look absolutely beautiful!! this is such a wonderful thing and wonderful charity to do it for!! WAY TO GO!!!

  4. Lindsey says

    You pull off bald better than Jessie J but you both did it for charity therefore it’s baldness full of awesome :)

    Synthetic wigs aren’t nearly as itchy anymore when you’re used to them :) Well, the high quality ones for cosplaying anyway XD

    I suppose it’s a different feeling for me as my hair, despite being short, is quite thick.

  5. Gláucia Dídia says

    You’re so beautiful, Klaire! inside and outside. God bless you. You’re such an inspiration to all of us! Please, never change! Wish all the best. Kisses from Brazil!

  6. says

    You totally rock the bald look and it will look fabulous when it hits the pixie cut stage. I think it is so wonderful that you did this for such a great cause! Well done!

  7. says

    I donated my hair to Wigs for Kids a few years ago–12 inches! My hair was so short but it was well worth it! They mailed in thank you cards for a good year after that :)

  8. says

    What you’re doing is very admirable! And for an amazing cause, too! I can cut my hair as short as possible, but to shave it bald? I don’t think I can ever do it. You’re an amazing woman!

  9. meghan says

    you look beautiful either way with hair or no hair I’m glad you raised so much money

  10. Sabrina says

    Claire your face is beautiful and now its so present. you do look great with the rock star hairstyles. seriously, you look really pretty with short hair.

  11. says

    That was such a strong and brave thing to do! And so amazing that people raised all that money, hurray!

    You look stunning, you’re really capable of pulling the no-hair look off!

  12. Vilde says

    Wow, Klaire. You’re just awesome! :) Personally, I’ve been growing my hair for three years, and it soon reaches my hips in the front, and I really love it. But maybe one day, I will be as brave as you and chop it off. My hair can grow back, at least, not everybody has that comfort. You are very inspiring, Klaire! Big hugs ^^

  13. Milly says

    To me you are like the BEST person in the world. Words cannot describe how much I admire you.

  14. Molly says

    Without hair, short hair, long hair….You look beautiful ! And it’s a wonderful thing you’ve done.. You are a good person ! I admire you, really !

    Kisses from France

  15. Giselle T says

    You look gorgeous. What an amazing person you are for doing that for a great cause. You are inspiring,brave, and passionate. I’m so happy you raised the money for the charity :) I can’t wait to see tutorials based on your new look!!!

  16. Dwina says

    You look amazing the whole video :) no matter how long is your hair…

    You are stunning and so generous to donate all your hair to a charity !

    keep smiling

  17. Brenda says

    you have a beautifully shaped head! Plus an adorable face to go with it! :-) You look FABULOUS Dahlink! And all for a great cause…Way to go!!!!

  18. Mandy Wals says

    Hun, you have my deepest respect!
    I think it really suits you, not many people can work that look!
    You go girl!!

  19. says

    I think it’s amazing you had the guts to pull this off (& for a good cause too!). I keep my hair pretty short, but I don’t know that I’d have the nerve to go bald! You pull it off well & you’ll eventually have the cutest pixie! :)

  20. says

    Damn that shaved head suits you, you’ve got such a lovely face for it. So brave of you to do it as well, you looked so scared and you did it anyway. You’re awesome!

  21. Laura says

    You are so brave to share your story and to shave your head! I have 2 sons who suffer from high functioning autism and my youngest had undiagnosed seizures that made learning to read nearly impossible. Once treated properly he is almost to grade level. The torment that he went through everyday was horrible. We did years of specialized vision therapy and I can tell you it’s not cheap. My boys happiness and success now make up for all the pain they have felt. Again, you are so brave. Thank you, and you look lovely!

  22. says

    You look stunning Klaire! You’re so beautiful on the inside it shines through on the outside too!
    I actually recently donated my hair too because of you. Ever since I saw your first hair donation video I decided that it was something that would go on my bucket list. Thanks for being such an inpiration :)

  23. Ryou says

    I almost want to say I hate you for being able to pull off all those haircuts so well, but how can one dislike you for being so beautiful inside and out? Congratulations for meeting your goal, and I hope your hair grows a little before it gets too cold. *hugs*

  24. LauraO says

    Claire you look so beautiful, you are an amazing person and I know you are making a lot a people, especially children so happy.

  25. piscolabis says

    OMG I couldn´t do that, but knowing that it was donated it´s is such a nice gesture *.* Anyway Im happy to contribute donating and that you also were able to reach the amount of money :)

  26. Hexia says

    Wow go you, but I don’t understand something.

    I thought the point of shaving was to shave off you hair in bunches and donate all the hair from essentially the roots down.

    What’s the point of shaving your hair after cutting off the part that you are going to donate?
    is it a statement?
    is it sorta like a dare in that people will donate because they want to see a girl shave their hair?

  27. meridith says

    hello from America! I LOVE watching your videos and always get excited whenever you have a new one uploaded! you are such an inspiration to all women! keep up the amazing work and good luck! you are beautiful. =)

  28. Allegory says

    I can see that it was really hard for you, congratulations on the donations. You look great with and without hair.

    This would be a good time to try some androgynous make up tutorials. Maybe looks that highlight facial features without being too feminine or masculine.

    So far I have loved watching all of your tutorials on the fabulous looks and would one day like to try one.

  29. Franni says

    This is amazing well done. You are so generous and someone to really look up to. I’d probably back out as soon as they held up the shaver.

  30. Emily says

    Wow, it really suits you! But don’t worry, soon enough it’ll be a decent length and your head won’t be cold anymore. :)