My BIG project!!!

Though I think most of you following my instagram already know about this from the millions of drawings I’ve been doing for the lyric video, for the rest of you though I’m so happy and excited to be announcing my band Fenix and our first song Paper Wings.

We’ve all been working on this for the last few months so I’m so excited to finally be able to share it! :D 

We will be making the full Fenix website live later tomorrow but for the moment you can already access all our social media and mailing list. I really wanted to have a reward system up for people who follow the Fenix newsletter, so anyone who follows it will get to see new songs an entire day before everyone else, WITH the free download link.

The lyric video and free download for Paper Wings will be available for any newsletter followers from midnight tomorrow, but for everyone else it will be live from 3:00pm on Saturday.

 Looking forward to sharing the song/video with you! :D 

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  1. Nafisa Ali says

    Congratulations!! this is fantastic & i can’t wait for more from u guys! wishin u the best of success! :)

  2. Alice says

    Congratulations! Will definitely be giving it a listen. Will your paper butterfly look be making an appearance in the video? I hope so :)

    • Klaire says

      It’s the lyric video which will be going up tonight, once we’ve filmed the music video we’re hoping to do some pretty awesome makeup for it :)

  3. Jazz Velain says

    have followed you winding road for a long time now…congrats on the new release, & Fenix…blessings to all of you to follow your dreams… to find them in all you are doing

  4. Tia says

    OMG! I loved the song so much. I just got done watching the lyric video on youtube and I’d like to say GREAT JOB! The artwork you did is beautiful and the song is just awesome. I’ve been thinking about songwriting myself but where do I start? Anyway,I am happy for you and your band so I would like to say Good luck! Always a friend,Tia ;) P.S. If you and your band go on tour someday,come to the USA! Rock on,Fenix!!

  5. says

    Congrats, I wish you all the best!
    Just heard the song and love it, although it’s slightly different from what I normally listen to.
    Can’t wait to see the proper music video for it!!

  6. Danielle says

    I just loved your song, I hope to see another song from you guys, you won your first brasilian fan ^^

  7. Lisa Maynard says

    I had checked out the Paper Wings vid a few days ago & absolutely LOVED it! I had to subscribe so I wouldn’t miss anything put out by your band!! Which brings me to this.., I’ve been watching your makeup tutorials for awhile now (Your skill is AMAZE & in my opinion, unmatched!) & until just now I had no idea Fenix is your band. I was like “ooooh” You all ROCK & you makeup skills ROCK & I just love u to bits!

  8. Katherine says

    Oh my god, you have so many talents! I feel really worthless when I check out your YouTube Channel or blog :D