I’m going BALD!?

Phew….can’t believe I’m finally writing this! I’ve been thinking and planning to do this for over a year and I’m happy and terrified that I’m finally it!

First things first…why am I doing this?

I am doing this because it will be able to help 2 charities which mean a lot to me, and hopefully change the lives of a few people for the better in the process. But the main reason I’m doing this is because I’m heavily dyslexic and was very lucky to have a family friend who was a Davies instructor do the course with me when I was 16-17 for free, and it changed my life. I want more people to have this opportunity.

I want this post to be about the charities I’m hoping to help with this challange and not me, so I’ve written a sepperate post HERE detailing my experiences with dyslexia, and hopefully explain a little why I am so passionate about this. 

I’m hoping to help 2 charities with this donation

With the money raised:

This will be going to help cover the costs of Davies facilitators who will be helping families who would otherwise be unable to afford the course. I was very lucky to have a family friend who recognised my dyslexia and offered to help me for free. I’ve tried to find words to explain how much of a difference that made in my life in my separate post, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to clearly express how much it changed my life, and allowed me to achieve the things I had always dreamed of doing. Now I hope to help other Dyslexics through this charity and make the same difference it did in mine to theirs.

My my hair:

I will be donating the ‘usable’ plait legnth part of my hair to Wigs for Kids. Most of you will recognise this charity from when I cut my hair 3 years ago, for those of you who are not aware of this Charity, they provide wigs to children suffering from Cancer and Alopecia free of charge.

So here’s the plan. Within the next two weeks I would like to dare you all:

The dare is simple, if we raise £5000 I will shave my head

The donations will be taken through IndiGogo here. It’s so easy to use, I’ve used it to donate to other causes in the past and is honestly takes less than a minute (yes, it uses Paypal!)

But if you can’t (or don’t want to) then please share this blog post or the video, Re-tweet it, tweet it, tumblr facebook, anything. Trust me it all helps.

So, see you in two weeks where, hopefully, we will have raised the money, and I will have considerably less hair. 

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  1. Vivian says

    You’re truly a wonderful person Klaire. I wish I had the courage and confidence to go through with such a move. You are truly someone to be admired, you’re incredibly talented and you have a heart of gold. I will donate as much as I can.

  2. LauraO says

    You are amazing and so courageous to do this. Although I can’t help with money I really really hope you get the £5000 for the donations, it would make happy a lot of people.

  3. Heidy says

    You have such a big heart. :)
    Because of you kids wii be able get the opportunities they need to grow.
    I had cancer when I was kid, and though I don’t live in England, these similiar types of donations make me extremely happy!
    Once I can, I shall donate to your wonderful cause~

  4. Cat says

    When I was 11, both my sister & I got a drastic amount of hair cut off. We tried to find somewhere that would take the hair at the time, but there was nothing available. It’s great to see charities like this now.

    Good luck! I’ll be donating as soon as I get paid.

    • Tressa says

      While I don’t know the answer to your particular question, I do know of a U.S. charity that provides the same exact service to children (also free of charge). It’s called Locks of Love. I have given my hair twice to them. Hope this helps! :)

      • Teresa says

        Tressa – PLEASE read the Locks of Love website. They do NOT give free wigs to anyone. The wigs are sold to children, prorated as to their parents’ income and are almost never free. In addition, 80 to 85% of the usable hair they take in is sold.

  5. Tia says

    Hi Klaire!I remember a few years back when I was 18 years old I once donated my hair about 13 years ago. Anyway,I thought I’d share my story with you on that subject. I too have dark brown hair like yours. By the way,I think what you’re doing to help so many kids is great. There is a different charity that I heard of called Locks of Love. That’s the one I donated my hair to 13 years back. I’d like wish you good luck and that you’re really sweet and you truly have a heart of gold. A lot of kids will be really happy with how much you’re helping them. You’re the best,Klaire. Keep on doing what you love doing. Love and hugs from the USA,Tia :) P.S. Hope to share some makeup tricks with you soon.

  6. Liz Claire says

    I recently got a wig from a charity similar to Wigs For Kids. I can’t explain how happy this made me. It’s awesome that you are doing this!

  7. Celestia says

    Hey Klaire! First of all, I’m glad you were able to raise enough money for your charity! What you’re doing is just really admirable, you’re a wonderful person.
    You actually inspired me to also give my hair away to a charity once they’re long enough :D And, regarding that, I just wanted to ask if you knew a trustable hair donation charity that’s also for kids, but that is situated in Europe? I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford the cost of sending a mail to the USA, so I’m searching something that could be closer to home :/