NOTW: Copper

NOTW: Nails Of The Week

My favourite nail varnish! If there was one animal (well…bird) that described my personality it would be a Magpie. I loooove shiny things! And this nail varnish is my favorite. The only draw back is it is slightly hard to remove, a little bit like a glitter nail varnish, but not as tough.

I like that this colour has a few “sub-colours” red, purple and even a bit of green.

I’m not normally very fond of gold, as far as jewellry goes I don’t own any gold coloured jewlery because I fid it a very garish and a flat colour, but this one I absolutely love. The many flecks of colour make it so fascinating to flash in the sunlight.

I love wearing this colour in the summer, especially if the weather is nice. I could spend ages just staring at the sun reflecting of all the becautiful colours in this. Sad I know, but it’s so pretty!

Copper from Barry M 

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  1. Carananga says

    Lol, you’re not alone with that staring at your nails thing :D I do the same every time I paint my naild light brown :D I just love that colour :D

  2. LauraO says

    In the flask the sub colors are pretty obvious especially the red, but in the nails they are not :( maybe because we can’t see it “live”

  3. V says

    Ooh… So beautiful! I adore Barry M but I never brought this one. I might have to now, as a little pick me up after my exams have drained me. Nothing better than a new colour to make you grin!

  4. Rachel says

    I bought that at Superdrug yesterday, its makes a good combo with the Barry M gelly shine in pomegranate, love this nail polish, so pretty and shiny!

  5. jana says

    Hi klaire! I really loved the racing green nail polish, but this one i’m not sure about. I looks a little weird to me.