Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

True story? I LOVE doing looks like this, just pure messines and geting to go all ugly in the pictures, no focus on pretty or presentable. Just pure crazy!

It was really nice to not wear any kind of foundation or BB Cream.

Another true story, one of my soft box lights (well be bulb) broke half way through filming. I wasn’t able to re-film this look since for the late two weeks the ceiling of the room I film in was being removed for having asbestos and I’ve only just had the ceiling put back. Thank God of backups eh?

I know I don’t normally do hairstyle videos but for this one I made an exception and I’ll be uploading the tutorial (or making it live for everyone) on Saturday but blog followers get to see it early here :)

The horns were really easy to make and I have a tutorial for them here.

Wish I could claim to have made the fake gauge earrings but got those beauties from e-bay, really squeezing my brain to think of an other tutorial I can use it in, maybe a Pirate look?

The next look I’ll be doing in this series will probably be Sloth or Gluttony, something a little ‘calmer’ than this haha, plus I’ll finally get to show off my weird woodlice nails.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. CB says

    Hey! I was wondering if you’d mind if I reproduce some of this series in a photoshoot? :)

  2. szafkaaa says

    you just amaze me every single time you put ‘7 deadly sins’ video. you are AMAZING.