NOTW: Racing Green

NOTW: Nails Of The Week

I’m generally pretty lazy when it comes to my nails. Since I do a lot of DIY I don’t generally let them grow long since it’s just a right pain in the neck to keep them clean. But while I’m working on my big project (which I’ll finally be able to share with you at the end of July!) I’ve been letting my nails grow long.

I figured a good way to make me keep them neat would be to blog about a new colour each week.

Pretty much all (appart from 2) of my nail varnishes are from Barry M. So this little series is pretty much going to be a Barry M display session, but they have so many beautiful colours which are seriously underrated, this one being no exception.

In the dark or normal daylight it just looks like a emerald colour but when you put it in the light it’s like the colours from a peacock feather. I originally bought this one at Christmas last year since it was the perfect Christmas colour but it’s also so beautiful in the summer!

Racing Green from Barry M

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  1. Jenny (@DaintyJingle) says

    I looove Barry M polishes, 24 of the 88 polishes I have are from them.

  2. Elodie says

    Do you know if this nail polish is still available for purchase? I would love to get it! Such a gorgeous color!