Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

You know what I love about black and white photography? It makes your skin look flawless! This look is going to be the most ‘borring’ out of all my seven deadly sins looks, but I didn’t feel something heavy was really appropriate for this character.

I wanted to slightly tie this look in with vanity 

My concept for this look was trying to look perfect. When I think of ‘perfect’ makeup I think old Holliwood, Maralin Monroe/Marlene Dietrich, so I wanted to take elements of that and put it in the makeup, but mainly in the photography.

Little bit of a side note but I can’t wait to do some more Graphic Eyeliner looks so I can go crazy with completely black and white photography. Though I did include some purple in this look, (the colour traditionally associate with Pride) I’m not going to be too pedantic about including the traditional colours in this series.

Why an apple? 

Yea the apple is a reference to the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden, and is often used as a symbol of pride and something you want badly, but is not terribly good for you. I suppose I could have used a Mac Donalds happy meal too then, but an apple is a little easier to explain.

I had taken a few shots with mirrors, which would have been perfect to show that vanity/pride theme, that’s the annoying thing sometimes about taking pictures, some days the image you have in your head just doesn’t translate well through the camera.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. Afifa says

    Hey I would like to know what camera do you use and what software did you use for the effect please and I love this look so much you always take awesome pictures with amazing effects

    • Klaire says

      I use a Canon EOS 600D,
      for editing I use Final Cut Pro X,
      and for editing my pictures I use photoshop :)

  2. Louise says

    absolutely gorgeous! The lips are especially amazing and the eyes are beautiful.

  3. LauraO says

    Wow not boring at all, I love it, specially those purple/red/black lips…they look amazing

    Did you find those glasses on ebay?

  4. Maxie says

    I like the simple look for pride. When I think of pride, I think of a women how is born perfectly and doesn’t have to use a lot of Make-Up. Beautiful look again!

  5. Felicity says

    I love it :D Eventough it’s simple, it captures very well the spirit of pride :D I’m absolutely amazed by the lips *__* and the pictures are awesome specially the second ;)
    Hahahahhaa Would have been fun if you did a parody of this with a Happy Meal xDD
    Take care !

  6. Jelly says

    Beautiful! Absolutely stunning! And I just love how the music goes so well with it! It really captures the ambiance of the whole look! There is no way this is boring or simple! It’s just amazing! You really have an amazing talent Klaire! I look forward to every video you post! :)

  7. Tina says

    Love the way that it is so simple yet so stunning and compelling. Great job! (:

  8. says

    my favorite so far :) i really love these series and would love to see the masks your doubting to do :)

  9. Elena says

    This is awesome! You are very talented!! It would be great if you could ever do a “Simone Simons” make up tutorial! She is the singer from Epica. :) Keep up the good work!

  10. Joohyun says

    You should do a tutorial on how you fix your pictures on PS I would love to watch that of you , beside your awesome makeup tutorials !

  11. says

    whyyyyy are you so beautiful?
    ich love your blog and aaall of your videos. what job do you have? i bet your are a makeup artist, your talent is amazing!

  12. Lott says


    ‘This is probably the most boring look of all seven sins’, well, it’s still BEAUTIFUL and so AMAZING!!!

    Seriously, Klaire, you’re by far the best make-up artist of youtube, because you combine art and ‘regular/casual’ make-up!

  13. Vivian says

    Wonderful work, I’m a big fan of your Sins Series so far and I look forward to more! I was wondering what lighting you use for your photos though, they’re always so professional and lovely.

  14. Ienza says

    I absolutely love your videos. Where did you get those earrings that was shown during the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride video? They’re so cool.