Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

So glad to finally be filming these after weeks of making props and planning! I will be starting this series off with Lust, and for each tutorial I thought I’d put a little definition at the beginning of each tutorial, so it’s clear the character I’m trying to convey.

This weeks tutorial is Lust 

The funny thing is that half the makeup I used was very appropriately named for this. Illamasqua’s ‘Throb” nail varnish, or the ‘Scandalous’ blush from Sleek.

And before I get people asking where I bought the lace ears, I already have a tutorial for them here. The rest of the outfit was pretty simple, lace bolero, feather boa, a black wig and then the longest fake nails you can get your hands on and paint them a bright red.


The concept for this is probably the simplest out of all the looks I’m going to do. Red is a colour that is associated with Lust quite a lot so it really was a no-brainer to use a lot of that colour. For all of these looks I’m going to have a different colour glow in the background, each colour representing a different sin. So red for Lust, gold/yellow for Greed exc.

Oh and before I forget…I’ve put all the full sized images of these up on my Deviant Art. A few people have been asking me to make my pictures available as prints, so for those of you who are interested I have made prints available for them on my Deviant Art :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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  1. Jada says

    Yay! Been waiting for it all day =D!
    You have such fine, delicate and elegant features <3

  2. Kate says

    This could easily double up as a Devil look (and probably a few other things..), it’s wonderful! Glad you decided to do Lust :) Can’t wait for the next looks.

  3. Tina says

    Love it! I can’t wait for the others.

    one question though;

    In the pictures (that are really pretty) you can see smoke and I always see that in your vids too. How do you create it?

    keep up the amazing work you’re doing!


    • Klaire says

      The smoke is courtesy of Photo Shop. I don’t like using real smoke because a) I don’t want to burn a hole in my carpet or burn the flat down. B) You can’t control where the smoke goes and in photoshop I can control the placement, colour, intensity exc. :)

      • Tina says

        yeah that sounds more easy and save. thnx for the answer, now I can try to create it too. :)

  4. says

    Looking great, thanks for featuring my music, and loving the eye make up :) where did you get the dark rhinestones, I only seem to find clear ones in my local stores.

  5. Diana says

    The first close up picture looks amaaaazing! I fell in love with the way the blush stands out and how your eyes, lips and the rhinestones shines~ So pretty~

  6. Sierra says

    I have been waiting forever for this series to start! Oh my gosh I love it already outstanding job I can’t wait to see the other six looks! The pictures you took are gorgeous. Love it! <3

    • Klaire says

      Yup :( It’ was quite sad they blended into the background but at least people got to see it for a little bit at the end of the video :)

  7. Carolina says

    that second picture just blew my mind. Its lovely when i saw that one i felt like it embodied lust so perfectly, amazing work, i look forward to seeing the others :)

  8. Kimi Esmeraldo says

    you look gorgeous with and without make up, can you tell me your secret? ): i’m waiting for the next video <3 i wonder what will you do with gluttony…. And i just loved the music u putt in this video, so i just saw this image … can you do a tutorial with this make up? And sorry about the bad english… i'm not so good at it. hope you understand…

  9. Jasmin says

    The pictures and make-up look amazing! I guess I have a new wallpaper now. <3

  10. Shannon says

    Question, do you take the photos yourself or do you have help?? Because the are amazing!!

  11. Sanne says

    Wow amazing Klaire. Makeup, photography and photoshop can make you look so different and artistic from who you are in a sweatshirt and jogging pants. You’ve outdone yourself again.

  12. says

    Awesome as usual! :) I was a bit disapointed though, I had hoped for a bit of moving show-off footage in the end, in sted of just the pictures, since the dark background camoflages the lace ears completly where the dosen’t get cut out. Still, the video in both presentation, tutorial and look was great! Good work Klaire! :D