New Dark Mahogany Face Charts! :D

I know it’s been months since my last free face mask downloads, but here is my new batch of face charts! If you’re new to my channel/blog I have already done two face charts. The plain white ones and ebony face charts.

If you have not seen my previous videos on these, I started this series roughly a year ago as I wanted to find a way to give something to all my subscribers as a way of saying thank you. As much as I love giveaways it’s not possible for me to give something to everyone, so this was the best way that I could think of having something that will suit everyone.


  • Sometimes when you use makeup on the face charts you might find that you can’t get the makeup to “stick” and the colours look muted. To stop this either use your fingers to apply the makeup, a sponge applicator, or a firm brush that will really buff the makeup into the paper.
  • When you’re printing this one out try and avoid paper that it perfectly flat (typical printing paper). The type of paper you have in a sketch pad, something with a little bit of texture, will grip the makeup much better. If this is all you have that’s fine, you might have a few problems will getting the makeup to stick to the paper but it will work.
  • Also you don’t just have to use makeup on these. You can use pastels, drawing pencil’s (though I wouldn’t advise paints as it will fiddle with the ink on the paper).

Hope you like them and I’ll do my best to have the next batch of face charts ready soon :)

You can download them Here


  1. Gianna says

    thanks so much for these you’re honestly way too kind and thoughtful :) I’ll try to send you a pic of my take on a face chart because I love experimenting makeup looks and doing one on paper makes it even more of an art

  2. Gianna says

    I just don’t have any social media accounts so I’m gonna have to convince my sister to let me use her facebook or instagram (ironically, we’re twins)

  3. Julia says

    I really love the daily blog posts! Puts a little bit of artsiness in my day, and even though i’ll probably not end up doing any of your diys they are still an inspiration.. (: